BP TRANSCAL N. This product has been discontinued in the UK and a possible alternative product is shown below. Please view the technical data sheet for the. Castrol Perfecto HT5 (formerly known as BP Transcal N) is a heat transfer oil based upon highly refined mineral oil, selected for its high thermal stability. Transcal N, Test Method, Units, Data. Density @ 15°C, ASTM D, Kg/I, Flash Point, ASTM D92, °C, Kin Viscosity @ 40°C, ASTM.

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BP Transcal N – High Quality Heat Transfer Oil | Asia Lubricant Hub

Technical specifications and certificates of conformity and analysis available on request. If you are unable to find the product you need, because:. The excellent thermal stability of the fluid gives long transcall, and the low viscosity characteristics ensure transdal heat transfer and ease of circulation at start up. From the staff at LubricantHub. China cooking oil China sesame oil price China brands of sunflower oil.

Usage notes Systems are normally designed so that the only contact between the oil and air is in a header tank where the oil is relatively cool and the area of the exposed oil surface is limited.

Browse by Industries Lubricants have various applications from: Additional charges apply for delivery to Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and offshore islands, and for timed deliveries, hazardous goods and branded lubricants.

Browse by Brands Browse the lubricants by Brands: Simply contact us to send us the product datasheet.


Lubricant Hub: Asia’s One-Stop Lubricant Portal

Transcal N is used extensively throughout the South East Asia area with great success. Let us do the job for you. Not Rated Yet Price Variant price modifier: The excellent thermal stability of the fluid gives long life, and the low viscosity characteristics ensure good heat transfer and ease of circulation at start up.

This email address is being protected from spambots. It is employed in a wide range of manufacturing processes, and also for space heating drying, steam tfanscal and as an alternative to electricity in applications such as die heating, and where products such as bitumen require to be heated at the time of application.

We’ll do the sourcing for you.


Browse by Lubricant Types to find the lubricant you need. A high quality mineral oil possessing low vapour-pressure characteristics as well as high levels of thermal stability. Contact Us Product Enquiry: Product Categories Automotive Lubricants.

Main Benefits -Long, maintenance free service -Consistently high heat transfer performance -Cost effective. To get the oil priceplease enable Javascript. Base price with tax: Look forward to fulfilling trandcal lubricant needs.

Prices subject to change without notice. Cannot find the lubricants you need? Browse the lubricants by Brands: You need JavaScript enabled to view it. China coconut oil China omega 3 fish oil Bpp wholesale cooking oil.

If you are unable to find the product you need, because: There are yet no reviews for this product. Use only as directed on the product label, or contact SwanTek on for technical advice. Castrol Perfecto HT5 is a low viscosity oil for high velocity circulating systems – high flow rates allow high heat transfer rates. It is recommended that fluid be sampled and analysed at least once a year, to ensure that they continue satisfactorily in service.


Home Brands Sample Page. Bearing and Circulation Oils. Transcal N is a high quality heat transfer oil possessing low vapour-pressure, good thermal stability, high specific heat and high thermal conductivity.

Lubricants have various applications from: For further technical information see the Castrol Perfecto HT 5 technical data sheet. Applications Castrol Perfecto HT5 is primarily intended for use in enclosed and sealed systems where oxidation of the oil cannot take place as contact with air has been prevented.

Please see important information about our web site. Prices exclude VAT and are valid only for pack sizes stated.

If these temperatures are exceeded, the fluid’s life is shortened by cracking and its characteristics are altered. Although the inherent oxidation stability of this oil is high, it should be realised that the working life of the oil depends to a considerable extent on the effectiveness of the measures taken to exclude air. Browse by Types Lubricants are classified into tfanscal types: The above information is given in good faith trnscal without warranty and does not constitute a technical specification.

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