Muscle Nerve –, BRACHIAL PLEXOPATHIES: CLASSIFICATION,. CAUSES, AND CONSEQUENCES. MARK A. FERRANTE. Brachial plexopathies: classification, causes, and consequences. (English) . Cervical rib and median sternotomy-related brachial plexopathies: a reassessment. Items 1 – 20 Brachial Plexopathies, Classification, Causes and Consequences (Muscle and Nerve, ) – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read.

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Related Articles Rehabilitation management of head and neck cancers March 2,plexopathis Graft length of graft dauses 6—8 cm is acceptable for obtaining satisfactory results, as results are poorer for more extensive lesions requiring longer graft lengths. Social role and social support system A recent publication about patient reported outcomes of health related quality of life after neonatal brachial plexus suggests that physical limitations, followed by social health, and to a lesser degree, emotional health remain significant long-term issues in these patients.

Brachial plexopathies: classification, causes, and consequences.

Definition Brachial plexopathy is an injury of the brachial plexus, most commonly caused by trauma. Evoked potentials are not necessary in the diagnosis of brachial plexopathy however they may be helpful in ruling out a more central process. The patient is asked to open and close their hands repeatedly for 3 minutes. Medial brachial fascial compartment syndrome: MR myelography using heavily T2-weighted fast spin-echo poexopathies sequences with fat presaturation.


The patient then takes a deep breath and holds while extending the neck and rotating toward the affected side. The number of fibrillation potentials and positive sharp waves on electromyography testing does not predict the severity of injury.

conseqiences Pre-operative electromyography EMG of muscles innervated by potential donor nerves may be helpful in identifying subclinical injury to these nerves. The incidence of radiation-induced plexopathies has decreased with tissue-sparing targeted radiotherapy.

Mallow, MD Comments are off. Thus, preganglionic total arm brachial plexus injury seems to be the type of injury that may benefit most consequencee earlier nerve reconstruction procedures, especially for hand function reconstruction, which can be obstinate to treatment. Wikiversity 0 entries edit. The best chance of improvement is in the first 3 months after injury and the next best time window is within the next 3 months. February 28, Long thoracic C and dorsal scapular C5 Trunks: Ste Rosemont, IL Phone: Usefulness of myelography in brachial plexus injuries.

Most stated that their brachial plexus injury had little or no role in their relationships.

Even with severe initial injury, electrodiagnostic evidence of recovery is expected within months with many showing full re-innervation by one year. Wikiquote 0 entries edit. Views Read View history.

Outcomes and rehabilitation after surgery: Of note, these authors found that motor function and functional status did not correlate with employment. Of the 14 people who were not working, 10 associated their injury with their unemployment.

Wikivoyage 0 entries edit. Neonatal brachial consequenecs may be associated with glenohumeral joint dysplasia, joint contractures shoulder, elbow, supinationposterior shoulder dislocation, or length discrepancies. Report on 99 patients.


While these agents are more commonly associated with length-dependent peripheral polyneuropathies, when used in conjunction with radiation therapy or other drug therapy, they may increase the risk of brachial plexus injury. Identification and avoidance of repetitive activities, extreme range of motions and excessive load carriage via shoulder straps that induce pain or weakness is critical.

Brachial plexopathies: classification, causes, and consequences.

Recent evidence indicates that successful surgical management can cause dynamic changes within the brain resting state networks, which includes not only the sensorimotor network but also the higher cognitive networks such as the salience network and default mode network, which indicates brain plasticity and compensatory mechanisms at work LAC, median thumbmedian second digit Posterior cord: Natural history of brachial plexus neuropathy.

Burner or stinger syndrome: Traumatic root avulsions may occur in conjunction with brachial plexus injuries in the context of high-energy stretch.

There are no required laboratory analyses in the work-up of brachial plexopathy however basic laboratory assessments may be helpful in ruling out alternative causes of weakness or in looking for triggers of Classiffication.

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