Dasuttara Sutta (In Sinhala) was the Sutta taken by Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero for the 97th residential meditation retreat at Mitirigala. Brahmajala Sutta was the first discourse that was recited to the people of the Mon State The Brahmajala sutta, the Supreme Net is one that Buddhist will use to. I. Talk on Wanderers (Paribbājakakathā). 1. Thus have I heard. On one occasion the Exalted One was travelling along the highway between Rājagaha and.

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Dasuttara Sutta – Part 01 (In Sinhala) | Damsara

Causal Attention Breaks Mental Hindrances! The Buddha said that there are 18 types of eternalistic belief, all based on one of these four origins. If this homepage does not display well, try use Firefox. Where is Ajahn Brahm? Later translators like Maurice Walshe of Digha Nikaya and Bhikkhu Nanamoli of Majjhima Nikayawhose works were published by Wisdom Publications, also included the same numbering format for consistency.

Then came a time when the Earth was in the process of forming yet still uninhabitable.

BRAHMAJALA – Google Drive

Mr Saminda Ranasinghe converted the original printed books to electronically readable pdf files. These kind of beliefs have four origins:. The fish represent the ascetics who cling to their beliefs. Brxhmajala wondered how marvellous it was that the Buddha knew the various kinds of views to be found in people.


Dasa Akusala Karma [Sinhala]. This illness of mind caused their death.

In other cases the texts are not available due to brhmajala. The last of three, Abhidharma pitaka contains a detailed analysis of Buddhist teachings. If someone speaks like that, you should state which is right and show the fact by saying, ‘Based upon this and that sufta, it is indeed so; that thing does indeed exist in us, or is true about us. In the first part, the Buddha elaborates precepts that made people praise him or the Sangha as worthy of reverence.

There is editing to be done. The Sutta Pitaka contains the five collections or Nikayasbut only four are regularly referred.

They based their faith because:. I am the source of all life, Father to everything which exists and will come to exist. The page number of an English translated Nikaya is dependent on the length of the translation which cannot be brahmwjala to the Roman text.

What is the name of this exposition of the dhamma? Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references Wikipedia articles needing clarification from November Subscription required using via Pages containing links to subscription-only content. Four Stages Arhat Buddha Bodhisattva.

From living alone for so long a time, this being grew brahmzjala and longed for a companion. The fourth semi-eternalistic belief is dutta on logic and reflection. If you know of any sets of translated texts that you think might be suitable for SC, let us know. The people who embraced this belief concluded their faith based on their thoughts and logics as follow: Towards Calm and Insight – Knowing that dhamma, he does not view it in the wrong way.


Buddha finally concludes the exposition of brzhmajala ‘wrong’ beliefs by stating that these 62 beliefs, if they are believed, will certainly cause agitations and cravings. Beings that came after thought the same thing.

Hita Thanima – Views Read Edit View history. These things were perceived clearly, seen clearly and were discarded bahmajala the Tathagataand by this act based on the truth that people praise and revered Tathagatha. The header on page 3: The third semi-eternalistic belief came from the Manopadosika gods.

They will rise and sink in the pond, but in the end will unavoidably be caught in the net.

Download Theravada Tripitaka in Sinhala and Pali ත්‍රිපිටකය

The Tripitaka is the most sacred scripture for Buddhists all over the world. Few of these texts have been digitized, and none are easily accessible. Different ways and styles of citing suttas from the Nikayas. The Wisdom Publications edition of the Digiha Nikaya is winhala a single volume but the text is divided into three divisions.

Maybe it is not true. The two continued debating until they arrived at the King’s resting place in Ambalatthika.

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