The DARK DIVINE series. BOOK 1: THE DARK DIVINE. I stood back and watched his movements. Daniel had that way about him that could shut me down in an. Bree Despain (born ) is an American author. Despain studied creative writing at Brigham Despain is the author of the Dark Divine trilogy and the Into The Dark trilogy. Her first novel, The Dark Divine, was published in , and the . Grace and Jude Divine have always been the poster-children for kindness and understanding. Their father is a pastor, a truly good man, and.

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Bree Despain

For example; she was smart enough to pick out some sharply worded phrases by some of the other characters who’d sought to insult her family, yet she had no idea nor care for of the lies t Far too message-laden with Biblical teachings and also tries too hard to escape from the very anger it seems to rail against; forgetting the ability to use “grace” in the face of intolerable betrayal.

The book also gets bonus marks for having a clear and very satisfying ending. But really the thought of these two thd intimate is thoroughly synonym for icky anyways, as they have about as much chemistry as a wet mop and a potato.

Nope, I will not touch the rest of this ‘series’ with a ten foot pole. The second she found out what Daniel had done, dzrk turned her back on him and told him to leave for good–not because she wanted to, but because she felt like she HAD to, because she owed it to the stupid, annoying Jude, her beloved 17 going on 7-year-old BIG brother!!!

Daniel is one tense character that you’ll be so drawn to, you can’t help but sucked into this story, as you want to know more about him and what he’s hiding. She and her family spend much time serving others and doing good deeds. Obedient to parents, dutiful with house work, attentive to her studies, etc. Everything was covered and it ended well wrapped up.


The Dark Divine by Bree Despain – book review

And how do their comfy teenage friends figure drak how to help them in a way that’s truly meaningful? Suddenly, Daniel pulls a fast Heel Face Turn and I don’t even notice nor despaiin – because at that point, I was just grateful for anything to happen in the ‘dark and deep abyss of nothingness’ that this book is drowning in. Picked this one up, and didn’t put it down until I was finished.

But she may have to lay down the ultimate sacrifice to do it–her soul. She did not play games.

The Dark Divine Series

Jan 14, Heather rated it really liked it Shelves: Yes, his friend “betrayed” him, but why should Daniel’s return give Jude the right to act like the king of the world ddark suddenly start telling diine what to do and to feel sorry for him etc The books just drips with it’s own self importance. I have the second book, but I am not sure if I will read it. This book has its creepy points, and I don’t know how much further it will go with that. View all 29 comments. I hate figuring it out before the main character.

My friend Nikki asked me about this book in a round-about-way and I think it’s worth posting what I told her: I guessed despaain about halfway through, though it wasn’t near as obvious as the “mysterious” event that made Daniel disappear.

It tells girls to not speak their minds.

It was evidently well-researched and well-developed, making for a solid plot with heart-pounding scenes. Do you get mad when a reviewer gives a book a bad review and one of their reasons is because they admit that there too old to read that kind of book? I know despaih an ‘uncorrected’ ARC, but sometimes I wanted to stop reading it; and then other times, and here’s the contradiction: Maybe it’s just me, because I don’t have any siblings so I don’t know what it’s like, but I don’t see how Jude’s anger and despair is justified.

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But that one little mention is the only thing that I darkk think of to say about this book: It does gree an inventive writer to pull off what Bree Despain has as the ending, and I found it believable, heart-stopping, and satisfying. Grace angsts constantly about how some family drama makes him “forbidden” to her.

I appreciated the amount of back history she put into their origin of the Urbat. Sure they give us an actually interesting premise to go by – but divibe don’t do anything with it until the very end of the book.

Crazy for Young A To prove it, he drives a motorcycle. I even enjoyed the religious aspect although I felt like it was being shoved down my throat a few times.

These are priceless, centuries-old letters from the Crusades that her dad is borrowing from a freaking MUSEUM, yet Grace just casually tosses them into the bottom of her bag like they’re old homework papers.

Drug abuse, dealing drugs and alcohol use for under-aged kids are all part of this book. It wasn’t my thing, but I can see girls who like paranormal romance really liking it and it’s just as good and bad as everything else dar, the genre.

Grace must discover the truth behind Jude and Daniel’s dark secret.

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