Bromoil A Plain English Working Manual and User’s Guide for Beginners in the Bromoil Process. Front Cover. Gene Laughter. G. Laughter, -. I just double checked my copy, it is a signed copy, but it has been signed using my name. It is also in mint condition. I also have a dvd from. OIL PRINTS AND BROMOIL. Oil prints, bromoil and mediobrome are processes that belong to a same family: all of them . Bromoil , Gene Laughter,

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The copper bromlil solution is the bleaching agent, while the dichromate solution 1101 the tanning agent which hardens the gelatin. Colder water requires longer soak times. Revised 1 October His book can still be found used, but often commands a high price due to its scarcity. The high dilution of the developer or use of a compensating developer is necessary to keep the low values from blocking up.

Be careful not to crease the wet matrix, as this is very easy to do under water. It resulted, a year later,in the publication of “Bromoil “, a plain English working manual and users’ guide for beginners.

Many old bromoilists state that you can use any developer but their favorite is an amidol formula–of which there are many. I have noticed that sometimes the grey-green color shows through in delicate highlights, such as are often seen in nudes, so I sometimes use an acid bath on such prints, but I do it after the print has been inked and the ink has dried.

Bronoil most superhardened papers, doubling rbomoil exposure is a good place to begin. This developer should be diluted with water for use.


Bromoil 101 by Gene Laughter

Development should take place with continuous agitation in a very dilute paper developer such as Dektol 1: First, I place it face down on a piece of blotting paper or several layers of paper towels and dry the back. This can vary from paper to paper.

However, there are recommended starting points that have not changed much in the century since the process was invented. Return brromoil Articles Page. In bromoip, water temperature is more important than soak time, but for beginners I recommend room temperature for bromoiil predetermined time.

I do not add any acid. Given below are the major steps, in order. A, all with the aim of introducing Americans, interested in the alternative photographic printing processes, to the Art of Bromoil.

In addition to performing these procedures with the print swollen but surface dried, they may also be performed with the print underwater, or dry. Guiding information was gathered mainly from the literature I had collected and eventually by attending Bromoil workshops conducted, bromoio, in a very strict traditionalists’ manner.

Solution 1 can be used repeatedly, until bleaching times are too long. Venn Two Solution Bleach. Close links were established and I was awarded Honorary Membership of the Circle.

All these solutions will keep indefinitely in brown glass bottles. It usually takes less than a minute to remove the chrome oxide color. Ink removal is equally important as inking. Traditional workers use a chamois for drying the print.

In I established contact with the B. The following year and in I visited Britain to participate in the Society’s meetings. A bromiol quick method for getting started with inking is to use a large boar bristle brush and ink the entire matrix until it is completely covered, with no regard for high or low values.



See the Bromoil Reading Room at http: For a lesser increase in contrast, roll the print underwater. This is because the bromoil process tends to increase brkmoil. In addition, almost any silver-gelatin paper with a semi-matte or matte surface can be utilized, following the procedure outlined below.

For bromoils I use 1: Because the gelatin is swollen and delicate, it must not be abraded or treated roughly.

Then I alternate 10 seconds of agitation in the developer with 60 seconds sitting still in the water bath until 5 to 6 minutes have elapsed.

For normal prints, I use 1: To start with, find the exposure that gives full detail in the most significant areas of the print.

They brmooil easy to mix because you can use the three solutions from the Trevor Jones formula, above. But separating the solutions can be educational and is probably worth doing at least once. It is very helpful to watch an experienced bromoilist ink a matrix.

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When the print is dry, it can also be etched carefully with a razor blade or with fine steel wool. The matrix must be soaked in water 10 swell the gelatin before inking. Wash the print thoroughly until all traces of the yellow bichromate color is gone from the water. The direction of my Bromoil work, however, is to break away and utilise the process with today’s imagery.

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