The picture to your left was released by a professor by the name of Bruno Sammaciccia. A Catholic historian with degrees in psychology and psychiatry, he was. Results 1 – 27 of 27 Das Eucharistie-Wunder von Lanciano: Bestätigung der Echtheit durch die Wissenschaft by Bruno Sammaciccia and a great selection of. 1 Is ‘i’»^ III □~^~^^ly f s 8 6 § I met Bruno Sammaciccia in , when, together with the journalist Bruno, I travelled towards Pescara to meet him at home.

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No matter what the issues, faith always comes down to trust in sources believed to lie outside or beyond our innate capacities. It is ignorance and fear that drives the governments to act as they do. As it may be seen, railings are now more evident, but another problem appears: Why were these two groups fighting.

The terribly dysfunctional human family will become functional. I had a special relationship with her, very intense. In this life he had no responsibility. As far as I know, all of them are human-like, with only minor differences, height among them. I saw her at home. When these feelings are very strong I go to certain places.

Did everything happen all of a sudden? Humanity must awaken to these dangers and change direction. When I finished it has been possible to establish that the distance between the man and the railings has been about 9.

Sammaciccia, Bruno

One again, supposing bars 1 meter high, and 10 cm distant from one another, the man results to be 2. He said yes and everything fell in line.

We were in the middle of a wheel whose rays were the corridors of the base they have under the sea. In his story Bruno Sammaciccia relates how the Space Brothers were able to use any transistor radio to relay their messages.


I have photos of UFO, of aliens. What were their names and why did we give them a ” name”?

Recent research suggests even a resonance between the radio waves of a supernova located in the center of our galaxy and the resonance frequency of brunp DNA. Without their assistance our rivers and streams would be undrinkable; we would, literally, be dying… Without their help we would be in a very sad state…Their intention is totally beneficial …All Hierarchies of all the planets in this system are in touch with each other, and everything that takes place in an extra-terrestrial sense takes place under Law.

The Sun affects all aspects of life

I can’t stand a world built of lies but, in some cases, you have to protect yourself. It is easy to leave these questions to faith, but who provides sammaficcia answers and beliefs to be taken on faith?

Yes, he has a house and works on Earth. I mentioned to Ron that my husband and I would be in St.

One of the main protagonists in Germany contacted Breccia after hearing about his plans to publish the story of Bruno Sammaciccia and his friends, and the writer added the information from his German contact to his book. Sorry, but you may understand that describing such things, with a lot of technology beyond our actual knowledge, is too sammacicci to be condensed in a few lines. My duty is to do a good job and to faithfully report what witnesses say, because only the correct information should reach people, with no distortions.


The sun affects our lives to a much larger extend than what we have been aware of so far. In that moment I felt I had to go back to bed and I had to sleep again.

How did they bring you? Now, let’s try to understand, has this been only a contact or have you got some prophecy about sammacicfia future? What happens when we die? The insights so gained applied in a direct way to personal release and sammaciccix.

What could I say?

Any way, I may state, if anybody may be willing to believe me, that a lot bguno our Friends are living among us, interacting at ease with our society, having Earth identities. When the glass broke in pieces on the ground I heard no noise.

I just asked him: Participation sammqciccia the essence of the journey that takes us beyond the conditioning of history. The beings and the exit were not visible to the people present at the time of filming, but were only seen when the filmmaker looked at her images at home.

Curricula vitae

Some people claim that what people are acutally seeing is an area near Ireland called the Porcupine Bank. There are even two pictures of Brjno people. They put me into contact with an almost impossible world full of love. When my mother died I became very angry with God because I had previously believed that God listened to all our prays.

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