Whatever recreational pursuit you enjoy, Bunyip State Park provides Not camping at picnic grounds within the park. History. The first people to live in the area. Bunyip State Park park is full of lush foliage and offers a variety of trails for walking or hiking; ranging from easy to moderate in difficulty. Description: This map provides an overview of visitor facilities in Bunyip State Park, Victoria, Australia. This map was updated by Parks Victoria in July

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Turn left here and return to the car park at Camp Road. Judy Cox on June 13, at 7: Numbered Markers For lots of detail about the abundant flora along the walk, pick up a copy of the flora notes at the beginning of the walk. How do I create a walk? Boardwalk A boardwalk allows the waker to keep their feet dry while giving the opportunity to explore parts of the wet heathland that would otherwise be hard to access.

Neil Fahey on April 26, at 1: The track finally returns to Guide Track. Richard and Joan Slade on February 25, at 3: The area has its own strengths, it is beautiful in winter too in fact perhaps at its best on those foggy days and there are many opportunities to take in the quiet. The description and the course map. List an event Plan an event. The walk down seemed even longer than the walk up, nevertheless, I would rate this walk as possibly one of the best around!

What’s on There are no upcoming events at this location. I’m sure there’s somewhere else you might be able to find one but MMC has never failed me. Send the park team a message. Having said that, the rocks looked quite amazing in the fog so they were definitely worth the visit. Hey guys, Great to hear the post was helpful. We did this walk on the weekend and although the weather was a little sketchy at times, it was still a really nice day out, and definitely worth it when we reached the Four Brothers rocks.


Local Aboriginal people believed the Bunyip lived in the swamps of the Bunyip River, and therefore avoided the area. Style Circuit One Way Return.

Congratulations, your walk is now published. You might also spot Sweet Wattle with its pale yellow to white and ball-shaped flowers.

Bunyip State Park | Four Wheel Driving & Trail Bike Riding Visitor Guide

In February45 per cent of Bunyip State Park was burnt by wildfire. Turn right at this point and after approximately m locate the start of the Silvertop Ridge Track and find the start of the Ferres Walking Trail approximately m on your left.

You can walk past the start of the Silvertop Ridge Track and find the start of the Ferres Track after about m. Once at the creek, the track follows the water for a short time before it curls back around to the road again.

See a mosiac of green from heathland on river plains to Mountain Ash forest covering steep slopes. Step 2 Click on the route to add a Point of Interest.

Button Grass Walk (Bunyip State Park) – Walking Maps

Great to hear you got better views than we did! The only view point was at the rocks and this wasnt much, otherwise all trees. We soldiered on anyway and it turned out to bunyop an incredibly rewarding hike. Gembrook 7 km Maximum Elevation: In fact I sometimes think that those cold foggy days being outdoors all rugged up stopping for a hot chocolate and bickies in the bush were statte more memorable than the warm sunny days!


Bunyip State Park Southern Circuit 16km. I’ve looked at Walks in Victoria in the book shop a few times but never ;ark around to buying it. This site uses cookies. It was well worthid with some fantastic narrow and enclosed tracks that created a real isolation and natural environment only spoiled by one lot of motorbikes on the walkers only tracks.

Your marker has been added! On the day of our visit, there was little sign of wildlife aside from the kookaburras but that was probably due to the weather. Thanks for your efforts.

You can either sign-up for the e-mail newsletteror get updates via the RSS feedFacebook or Twitter. Walkers wandering through a forest of Silver-leaf Stringybark and Narrow-leaf Peppermint trees. Next time look out for a gated 4WD track heading generally east and that should be the path to take. Thanks for the info, thinking of heading back to catherdal next week.

Having trouble uploading your photo? Search Near Me More Options. Button-grass and Spike Wattle Sedges, such as Button-grass, are tufted plants and over time develop quite dense and tall stools from which the leaves grow.

Bunyip State Park Southern Circuit (16km)

People were bknyip careful not to make ripples when collecting water. Your email address will not be published. Make sure each photo is less than 2MB.

Looking forward to seeing your pics. You can drag these if they are not in the right spot.

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