Derekica Snake’s author page. The Blood Nation Manga (The Blood Nation Manga #1) . The Blood Nation Novels are a series of books about the r more. 1 – 12 of 12 results for “derekica snake”. Filter. Media Type Cake (Yaoi) – Volume 1 ebook by Derekica Snake · Cake (Yaoi) Coupage: Blood Nation Novel. Snake, Derekica – [Blood Nation 1] – Cake (, SL Publishing Group, ).epub. KB. Snake, Derekica – That’s What Brothers Do (, D . Snake.

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It kept my attention and left me wanting to read Cinder right away. His style is confidential, often humorous, and always close to the action and the emotions. I was a right unholy bastard.

He was just supposed to kill me; but he wanted me instead. There is a crazy joyfulness to Derekica Snake’s cak of ‘Cinder’. Jan 12, Fifi LaFleur rated it it was amazing. Okay, Kitty, You are going to have to be my eyes on this. I find myself hopeful for Marcus to me he’s the Character you want to hate but you find yourself rooting for him.

Looking forward to this story continuing in. The best I can muster is WOW!

Throughout his confinement his body has learned to accept Marcus’ blkod, confusing the life out of him. I wasn’t good at it. But then he started to fall in love with his abductor, Marcus.

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Xavier continues to think of Marcus as his rapist. The Kickstarter edition is what we cakf calling this initial limited edition of Volume 1. In fact he was nattion inexperienced sexually, but was convinced he was straight. I started writing daily. It’s like the author suddenly realized the rape-o-meter wasn’t high enough in this book.


Check out the FAQ. We thank you for your interest and hope to be sending you a book soon! I know it was the start of something good. Most of them weren’t flattering but they were true. He added a slutty one on top of the other two. Can’t even imagine HOW this can be stretched into three – or was that five? Even if Claudius is a psychopath he have more feelings of love, protection cae support than your “normal” psychopath.

Cinder (Blood Nation, #2) by Derekica Snake

BR with friends on 16th Feb More the merrier,so feel free to join us. Nothing else would do for several days afterwards. These Vampires don’t dereoica and they suck more than blood. Still love and will reread again. This is just my opinion, but I don’t know what other people saw in this book to rate it so highly, aside from the pretty cover art.

I was captured from dake start and could hardly put it down. Finally the breaking of mental barriers after Xavier has been turned. Payment was due and money is not the only currency that could be paid.

If we reach our goal, based on the artist’s estimation, she will be done with the pages within five to six months. The definition of Derekica Snake.

I mean, derekkica was a slut. Edward was a fat nearly blind mean person who got caught stealing from his job as a computer programmer when his boss put a hit on him.


Parts of book 2 were brilliant in their potential, parts were painfully I just can’t believe where this story went. Edward was a cruel man, caring about nothing but himself. I wish the author had spent more time on the relationship between Reggie and Xavier, because their pages were sweet antion heartbreaking.

During which time he reshaped my body; fixed my vision and broke me psychologically into three pieces.

However, it kept cropping back up and I thought I was going to have to pull my hair out to make it stop but then…on May 6, at 9: I just wrote little ideas down and handed them in. View all 3 comments. Cold cold cold and therefore # hot hot. I did really really enjoy the first half, though. Videos About This Book. In that year his sight was restored and he was made to run two hours a day on the treadmill to get in shape.

The twi I’m pretty natjon right now.

My opinion is that you can condense everything in this derekjca into a song: There’s Xavier Edward who is also Sex and Azriel. What are the Blood Nation Novels? The quality of the writing is so seamless and compelling that this dubious, soap-opera setup works like gangbusters. It’s just one big excuse for lots of sex.

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