Well, it’s been a couple of months since my first post above and I’ve been flying my Calmato Sports pretty regularly. It’s a really easy flyer and. Kyosho CALMATO ALPHA 40 SPORTS – BLUE (EP/GP), Sussex Model Centre, ARTF Low Wing Trainer. My favourite sport plane came to a violent end last week thanks to a tree and I have the Calmato 40 trainer that flys well and is quite agile and.

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You may type here the item or what you like to search for. Creates different impression to the GP version. Well for a couple of years now I keep reading the same thing about how the Kyosho planes calmatl well but how the covering starts to peel away from the plane in short order.

wports Motor is just about where I want it now and I think she’ll be ready by this weekend. I just got one of the older versions second hand this summer, and was absolutely comfortable with it from the get-go. Most show wrinkles that would need removing, but even the “perfect” ones get the treatement.


Tires are also attached. Now that you’ve mastered your Calmato Trainer 40, what’s the next step? Doing the job with the pieces before they’re part of an unwieldy airplane is so much simpler and easier. Please inform me as soon as the product is available calmat.

Factory assembled fuselage also has difficult to manage fuel tank lines installed. Designed for compatibility with both GP and EP flight!


Both embody the definitive stability of the CALMATO series with optimal maneuverability allowing low wing airplane beginners to fly stunts like loops and rolls.

I have not flown mine even yet, needs only a few minor upgraded parts like screw-lock connector and an antennae retention clip as I am not happy with the antennae being taped to the side of the fuse Those who have recently graduated from their high-wing trainers will learn new acrobatic maneuvers easily, and experienced pilots will find this plane an excellent all-around Sunday flyer.

The blue line is where Kyosho says to rig the CG. Find More Posts by da Rock. I know, where are these little mundane parts when you calmat them?

Kyosho Calmato 40 sports still a good plane? – RC Groups

Additional Information Manufacturer Kyosho. The two major problems I had was a horizontal with bad hinging in the elevator causing the whole horizontal stab to move up and down according to elevator deflection JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Add to shopping basket. It seems the covering came off a few other airplanes. I hope they’ve just got one or two workers packing the ARFs who are pulling parts from the wrong bin, but that’s still a mistake that shouldn’t happen at all. Factory assembled kit includes balsa main fuselage pre-covered in film. The exquisite finish replicates competition model standards and provides an ideal step up for beginners wports the calmati performance of low wing flight.

Send a private message to jckck. And THEN angle the mains back about 20degrees. Now all calmmato was left was to mount the engine.



Send a private message to Fastsky. Urethane clear coating can also be applied to prevent wrinkling over long time periods and unlike PVC films, dry-type cover film can also be applied for damage repairs. The main wing halves are joined with an aluminum pin and can be separated for compact and easy transport.

The very attractive tinted canopy is held in place by four screws. No way around it As with the Trainer 40, the Sports ARF has a high degree of prefabrication and doesn’t require any glue. OK, so occasionally I throw in an S-turn or a loop or roll but mostly I just love tooling around the sky trying to get that “perfect line.

Send a private message to ep3mhb.

Kyosho Calmato 40 Sports 440 I picked one up a couple of months ago and have just gotten around to putting it together. In addition, no gluing is required in the highly detailed finish with completed fuel tank piping so is not only an easy choice for beginners, but also makes an excellent second airplane for experienced fliers.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. I can’t believe your rods were that tight that you had to go through with changing the whole calmafo system!!!

Send a private message to Zipperneck. Once this was done I recovered the holes.

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