Canon Ir Error Code List. Code Description. E Communication error ( with pedestal). E Communication error (with ASSIST). Free downloads Error Codes Canon iRPage 1 of 5 Error Codes Canon iR Download here the full version of service manual iR Code List. Thank you for purchasing the Canon iR/iR/iR Series Machine. This Manual describes the use of the List of Error Codes Without Messages.

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The machine controller PCB is faulty. E An error in the rotation of the fixing film is detected.

Replace the scanning lamp. The wiring is faulty short circuit, open circuit. Main cause The horizontal registration home position sensor PI2P is faulty. Your email address will not be published. The Card Reader-C1 is faulty. Main cause The contact has poor connection. Main power supply PCB: Main cause The image data is faulty. E While the ADF is in standby, the communication with its host machine is disrupted for 5 sec or more; or, while the ADF is in operation, the communication with lis host machine is disrupted for 0.


When the fixing motor is rotating, is the film rotation detection signal sent by the fixing film sensor to the concoctor J of the I3r300 controller PCB?

Canon IR Error Code List – Copy Care Enterprise

Main cause The fixing film unit is faulty i. The puncher shift motor M2P is faulty. Replace the rear controller PCB. Main cause Danon connector has poor connection. The rear controller PCB is faulty. The puncher motor M1P is faulty. Caution To reset the error, execute the following in service mode: Main cause The slide home position sensor PI is faulty.

The fax PCB is faulty. If the fixing film is normal, replace the sensor. Cause The stapler motor M6 is faulty. Replace the fixing motor.

Canon Ir 3300 Error Code List

The reading of the main thermistor does not reach 30C 1 sec after the main power switch is turned on. Sensor lever damage and interferenceSensor Is abnormal noise heard from the horizontal registration assembly in keeping with the motor rotation? Main cause The feed motor M1 is faulty.

Fit the DRAM securely. Does the output of the scanner home position sensor change?

Canon IR 3300 Error Code List

The image data has a fault. The stapler harness is faulty. E When the power switch of errorr host machine is turned on, the back-up data from the EEPROM cannot be read or the data that has been read has a fault.


If the error is still indicated after disposing of the waste toner, perform the following: Is the proem corrected?

Main cause The wiring is faulty short circuit, open circuit, disconnection. Fixing film sensor Check kist fixing film rotation signal. The aligning plate home position sensor rear; PI5 is ir33000.

The wiring is faulty. Main cause The fixing film unit is faulty. E After the main motor drive signal is generated, the clock signal does to arrive within 1. Cause The copier harness is faulty. E When the main power is turned on, the checksum of the finisher controller PCB has a fault. Is the drive voltage of the heater supplied by the connector J8 of the main power supply PCB?

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