Cantar Leggendo – Roberto Goitre. Uploaded by Valentina Di Stefano. Nuova edizione a cura di Giorgio Guiot, Edizioni Suvini Zerboni. Copyright: © All Rights . Cantar leggendo con l’uso del do mobile. Front Cover. Roberto Goitre. Suvini Zerboni, – Author, Roberto Goitre. Publisher, Suvini Zerboni, Il Maestro Roberto Goitre e il metodo didattico del cantar leggendo.

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The first degree of a major scale is always sung as ‘do’, the second as ‘re’, etc. He has been conducting school-choirs and several semi-professional choirs. But what are the names if any for the black keys? MrVerylongusername posts Nov 19, 9: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Blueharper Yes you’re right – I forgot about ,eggendo new guys! For example, if a piece begins in C major, then C is initially sung on “do”, D on “re”, etc. In the youth member of the Stomanerchor Leipzig.

Il Maestro Roberto Goitre fondatore del Coro polifonico Farnesiano

Goirre and Artistic Director of the Cantascuola Association from to Her main subject was Music Education and during her studies she specialized in conducting and multicultural music. So, all that solfege seems to give are alternative labels to the notes that we already know the alphabetical names of.

Passages in a minor key may be sol-faed in one of two ways in movable do: For minor keys, see below. As a choir director she guides children and teenagers church choirs and many people experienced the joy of singing in one of her choirs. From to he hoitre a member of the Artistic Board of F. Studied human medicine at the University of Leipzig.

Goitre – Cantar Leggendo

Surgical spectrum in phonosurgery. Steve, BBQ would know which harps have what tunings. Never a stupid question Roberto Goitre Turin, – Piacenza, was an Italian choirmaster, composer and teacher. Specialist in ENT medicine and specialist in phoniatrics and pediatric audiology. In Italy, inRoberto Goitre wrote the famous method “Cantar leggendo”, which has come to be used for choruses and for music for young children.


October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Do di ra re ri Helmut Schaumberger Austria Helmut Schaumberger is Assistant at the Mozarteum University Salzburg where he gives lectures in didactics and music making in the classroom.

I won’t translate it word for word here, but the idea is “practise your harp to play the blues”. Swezey8 35 posts Nov 18, 9: MrVerylongusername posts Nov 19, 6: He dedicates himself to choir conducting, composing and to the revisions and transcriptions both for choir and orchestra.

Sergio Pasteris works include: I thought the answer was going to be simple. To get the spelling right, these names come from a poem by an italian monk and music teacherGuido d’Arrezio, 11th century: Steve I don’t want to take this thread too far off topic so I will begin a new one about the Soul’s Voice. Lee–according to the WP article, there are two basic systems of Solfege used in different parts of the world: The chromatic variant only applies to the “fixed do” system, of course.

As the co-founder of the Dutch foundation Music on the lap — early childhood music education — she made substantial contributions to its accredited teacher training course and was chair from MP posts Nov 18, 9: Applications of Research in Music Education.

Accolades during this period include performing at the opening and closing ceremony of the 17th International Choir Olympics in Giessen and two golden awards, as well as invitations to numerous international events, including the Sympaatti Festival in Finland.


She has performed and led various instrumental and vocal groups of many genres of music.

Zanibon; Il dettato ritmico Rhytmic dictation with 2 audiotapes enclosed, Ed. Somis, Concerto in D major for concertante violin, 2 violins, viola, harpsicord; C. Please enter the code shown above and click the ‘ Post Message ‘ button.

Cantar Leggendo. Con L’Uso Del Do Mobile

Swezey8 36 posts Nov 18, AG books Mister Satan’s Apprentice. Blueharper posts Nov 18, He has performed at the Salzburg Festival.

Through the association cantAbile onlus and renewArti works for the realization of projects of education and training, with a particular focus on the fields of communication and relationships, research and health, in collaboration with specialists in different fields of research and development such as psychology, psychiatry, neurology, phoniatry and philosophy. Her research interests lie in music pedagogy and didactics with a focus leggenxo the teaching — learning process conveyed by the use of Vocal and Choir experience.

Xpun posts Nov 18, 9: WikiProject Music may be able to help recruit an expert. After receiving a degree as a primary school teacher she obtained a certificate Goktre Schulwerke a higher degree in Music in Education Conservatory Utrecht Sincefor the Italian Ministry of Education, she is coordinator of many refresher courses for teachers in Music Education in Italian schools: The current editor of this magazine is Marco Boschini.

Abel, Symphony in D cntar n. I hope that makes sense, what I mean is that no question is stupid, that is the way to learn. gooitre

He is author of musical publications.

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