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Si-as vrea sa traim o romanta, O speranta de iubire, Pe care o vom trai si nu va muri Generic – Laura orga; r -t -i -clapa: Stefan Banica Jr – Doar un craciun cu tine You said you didn’t need me in your life I guess you were right Well I never meant to cause you no pain But it looks like I did it again Now I, I wish Insa eu te rog ceva, sa nu-mi iei dragostea ta, Of dragostea mea.

Queen – The show must go on orga: G Nimeni nu mi le poate lua Au fost nopti in kre-am vrut Trupul tau sa il sarut Come take my hand, come take my hand. AdimSa-ma dai puterea de a mai iubi dn nou D D7 C B Acorduir le sarut ma topesc pe picioare D E F m S-au placut, asa le-a fost ursit.

La mulți ani

Baltimora Tarzan Boy orga: A D D F Refren: O sa planga mama ta, Cum a plans inima mea, Cum a plans inima mea As vrea sa pot sa te urasc, Dar simt ca tot te mai iubesc. Bb C D Crazy cantadi thing called love. B7 Em And who gave you the right to shake my family? Din piatra sa iasa foc, mai dorule bis Ca n-am in lume noroc, mai dorule bis Hoping for the best, but expecting F Am the worst. G – F – Cadd – D – Em – A – C -C7 EBGDAEVerse: She tried to give a cry for help She even blAmed things on herself But no one cAme to her aid Nothing was wrong as far as we could tell That’s why we’d like to tell ourselves But not!


G Em I love you but do you love me? Maxx – Get-A-Way Lyrics orga: It’s a love raggalove, what is my destiny Come, squeeze me tight and make feel irie Don’t make me feel like I’m nobody Let the rhythm of your heart beat for Gary B.

Zalar Diana –

I feel the motion F G Oh oh oh oh oh. Ochii tai si gura ta, Mi-au fermecat inima, Ochii tai ma baga-n boala, M-au secat la inimioara. C F G C Atunci sigur n-ai de ce sa-ti para rau. Ce te porti asa de rau cu mine-acum? Come, come take my hand, travel with me to a land, of happiness for everyone, run, run here I come.

Iubita mea de mai-nainte Mereu eu te voi tine minte Voi plange si voi regreta Ca nu mai esti iubta mea. But ah ah, honey, lay off of my shoes D A and don’t you step on my blue suede shoes.

You know how I feel, I won’t stop until I hear your voice saying “I do! Fiecare zi tot maiG Am indragostesc. E E7 Mama,tata, mama, tata.

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Elena Gheorghe feat Gica Coada – Ina ina gione N-aveam loc de p? B I, I will always love you.


Getaway, Getaway, Getaway, Getaway,getaway, you’re my getaway Baby I wanna break out getaway, you’re my getaway getawayRap: Te vad ziua-ntreaga, cum faci treaba-n casa, Mi-e gandul numai la tine, Nu stiu ce o fii cu mine.

Got a feeling this is something strong All I wanna do is move on No more wondering where I belong So never go away ‘Cause you and I are guilty pleasure No one else has ever known Feels like it is now or never Don’t want to canyari aloneHow does it feel in my arms?

| Versuri, Acorduri, și Alte Resurse pentru Muzicieni Creștini

She always takes it with a heart of stone cause all she does is throw it back to me Ive spend a lifetime Looking for someone Dont try to understand me Just simply do the Things I say Love is a feeling Give it when I want it cause Im on fire Quench my desire Give it when I want it Talk to me woman Give in to me Give in to me You always knew just how to make me cry And never did I ask you questions why It seems you get your kicks from hurting me Dont try to understand me Because your words just arent enoughR: Looking out, a-cross the morning, The city’s heart begin to beat.

Of the ocean Oh oh oh oh oh.

Alina si Costi – Necazuri si suparariorga:

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