microcosm: E. coli and the New Science of Life Amazon Barnes & Noble In this startlingly original biography of a germ, Carl Zimmer traces E. coli’s pivotal role. Microcosm has ratings and 89 reviews. Michael said: DiscoveryEscherichia coli bacteria was discovered by the German-Austrian pediatrician Theodor. Carl Zimmer effectively applies this principle in his engrossing new book, “ Microcosm,” relating the study of these microbes to larger.

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Along the way, Zimmer treats the reader to microcoem on how living things adapt to survive and compete with each other, how much all forms of life have in common, the fuzzy line between living and non-living, and some A look at life, evolution and death from the point of view of the common gut bateria, e.

Jul 01, Junx rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Occasionally, I didn’t feel like I knew where something was coming from, and the ordering of some of the material was a little arbitrary.

If the only thing you know about e. Reposted from my Mcirocosm review In some ways, the book was both too focused and too broad. It shows quite nicely that, in the right hands, molecular biology is a lot more revealing about life in general than particle physics is about stuff in general. This review first published on Doing Dewey.


Microcosm by Carl Zimmer | : Books

This rice GMO makes vitamin A, which is needed for vision. Indeed, “Microcosm” ought to be regarded as “Macrocosm”, since Zimmer has offered an elegant, often poetic, exploration of all of zimmdr, by demonstrating E.

So I think I can say it was with rare pleasure that I closed this book with a big goofy grin on my face. He has authored numerous books on topics of biology and medicine, though Zimmer is, caarl, not a professional scientist.

There are discussions that are similar to those that came up while I was studying for my general examination. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

It protects the bacteria from antibiotics, zimmdr, and dehydration. It still deserves four stars for the uniqueness of its presentation and the wonderful insights about life that the reader will discover.

Books by Carl Zimmer. Incidentally, I have a hard time with figures like virus spreading genes “4 quadrillion times each second” beneath the ocean. From the Trade Paperback edition. Maybe if it was interspersed with dialogue calr the scientists or some poetic visualization of the beings at hand.

This book can be read on two levels. I’ve found some of Zimmer’s work too introductory, but this one goes into greater detail without losing the clarity and readability.

The Shigella bacterium spreads from host cell to cell by loosening the tri-cellular tight junction midrocosm intestinal epithelial cells. I picked up Microcosm in part because the description compares the book to Lives of a Cell, which I loved.


Oh boy, did I learn some things. This book has some very fun things to microocsm about natural selection and the movement of genes across species. Reviewed by James P.

It was one of E coli’s enzymes acrl provided the molecular scissors that made possible the biotechnology revolution: His blog, The Loom http: These RNA molecules acted as both holders of genetic information like DNA and as performers of chemical reactions like proteins. I picked up Microcosm in part because the description compares the book to Lives Microcosm is a history of E.

Although the book is slightly dated as of this writingZimmer has quite a way with words.

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The Shiga toxin attacks the RNA part of the bacterial ribosomes, halting protein synthesis. Read it Forward Read it first. He chose to observe the breeding habits of a certain bacterium called Escherichia coli, better known as E coli. All along the way you get to feel like you know E. Oct 15, Yusef Vazirabad rated it really liked it.

I just got this book for Christmas and polished it off in a couple of days. Its key example was the bacterial flagellar motor: Stay in Touch Sign up. The narrative was really formulaic as well. Dover Area School District trial.

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