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Me recuerda un poco a Pimienta Caliente. It has no shimmer and 20144 suits any kind of makeup whether you want to be natural or edgy.

Tratare de mejorar jejee. I honestly don’t use it much because it hardly shows, but it is a great moisturizer for winter. The name is Coral Seduction. The lipsticks are very popular in South America and are very affordable.

I prefer the X-tra time ones over the Circus collection because I don’t like to continuously re apply my lipstick. It does have a filter though so it may look different, but it’s stunning. Behind every idea, product or strategy, there is a Belcorp collaborator committed to our purpose, working as a team to achieve extraordinary challenges.

And last I leave you with a picture of me rocking Marron Bambu. Kangaroo Find company with kangaroo logo logo image and details. Mac’s Peach stock is a tiny bit similar, but this one is more orange.

Aqui tienen los mios de Izquierda a derecha: Here are the lip swatches. Esiks cautivante, Coral sexy, and Rosa intense.

This color with tanned skin would look amazingly sexy. From left to right: Like I said, these 3 shades are matte and don’t catalpgo any glitter or sparkles.


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Monday, November 10, Cyzone X-tra time x-tra Candy, x-tra nude, y x-tra gold nuevos colores de Cyzone. Warm and Cozy TLC. I want to begin by saying that these lipsticks are very pigmented.

I truly appreciate it and I hope it helps you in some way. Choose from millions of icons to start your design now. I know that for me the 90’s were the best times of my life. I’ll randomly switch back and forth to keep things interesting. The only color that I think truly comes close is Cyzone’s xtra peach, which I bought and I am expecting tomorrow.

They are perfect for your 90’s fix. In my opinion, this color is one of a kind. Examples include the Australian national rugby league team The kangaroo is the logo of Qantas Airways depicted on the tail of the aircraft. It had been years since I got a hair cut. What they look like cwtalogo my lips no filter: So cataloogo is my first post and I am very excited. Los 3 de hoy tienen brillos, pero los colores son hermosos!

It’s all over the malls, internet, and in our hearts too. I highly recommend this lipstick, the color is gorgeous and very bright. Oporto es el mas oscuro de los 3 y tambien tiene brillos color plata.

Bueno, estos labiales son unos de mis favoritos en el mundo entero. Tuve que hacerle unos arreglospero tienen la idea. They have a large variety of colors, but this is the only one I have for now. Oh and I got some new ink and thought i’d show it off.

Catalogo Expofertas C-17 Cyzone Esika LBEL Belcorp 2014 Brochure Virtual Online

catwlogo It stayed on for hours and I even had trouble removing it from my lips. The lipstick and liquid liner are both matte without shimmer, which I love. Tengo un monton de labiales nuevos para mostrarles pero he estado muy perezosa con mi blog.


It’s very similar to Mac’s Relentlessly Red but a tad redder. Alright ladies, thanks for reading my blog. I think I took too long to remove them because I should of done this when I was a teenager and now I am in my 20’s:. Apply small business actions and thus make the consultant earn more and with that change the life of her entire family Coral sexy was the first one to sell out, but I managed to score eesika somehow.

They just don’t do it for me. It’s esima like any red I own, and I have a lot of reds. La verdad es que he estado muy ocupada. My mom was obsessed with it, and even though I preferred black and purple lipstick, I had some brown ones in my makeup stash too. It also deals with the various uses which have been made Add tags to your selection: The liners are the exact same color. On white girls like me, it just looks adorable: X-tra nude, X-tra Candy, y X-tra gold.

It’s a beautiful coral color and very popular in Colombia right now.

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