Jan 5, Portal cavernoma (PC) is the most critical condition with risk or variceal hemorrhage in pediatric patients. We retrospectively investigated the. Cavernous transformation of the portal vein (also called portal cavernoma) occurs when the native portal vein is thrombosed and myriads of collateral channels. La obstrucción de la vena porta con un hígado sano es una causa frecuente de hipertensión portal en los niños. El curso natural de la enfermedad se.

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One patient developed adhesive ileus two wk after surgery and was cured after another operation. Because the risk of bleeding in these patients can decrease with age, prtal management is preferred whenever possible.

Nine cases presented with open retroperitoneal communicating branches venous plexus of Retziusshowing tortuous disordered retroperitoneal blood vessels in a bundle shape or cirsoid shape connected to the inferior vena cava. The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper.

The presence of severe ascites, collateral circulation, and high portal venous pressure remained significant in the logistic regression model and so were regarded as independent predictors of recurrent variceal bleeding in pediatric patients with portal cavernoma Table 5. The learner who gives a self certificate stating that “I have studied and able to pursue the secondary course” is also eligible for admission to the Secondary Course.


No other mode of fee payment is permitted. Following thrombosis, the portal vein may or may not re-canalize. State Bank Colony, G. After the age of 18 these patients are referred to and managed by gastroenterologists.

The relative smaller sample size also restricts the detection of possible independent risk factors for recurrent bleeding and mortality. Conservative symptomatic treatment was used in patients with no obvious symptoms or little bleeding. After reading the instructions click on the “Register” button in the Stream 1 Block 2 section. Eur J Ultrasound, 8pp.

The collateral circulation formation should be considered for selecting surgical procedures, which can help estimate prognosis on postoperative recurrence of gastrointestinal bleeding. A valid proof of Residence like Aadhaar Card with complete address printed on it, valid Passport etc.

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Endoscopic variceal sclerosis compared with distal splenorenal shunt to prevent recurrent variceal bleeding in cirrhosis. Unable to process the cavernomatoosis. We found that coronary venous reflux was a significant risk factor for recurrent variceal bleeding. As a primary cause of death, massive variceal bleeding and its secondary severe complications often occur at the early stage [ 2526 ].

Prophylactic endoscopic therapy was selected for high-risk varices. The median duration from the time of intubations to the onset of recurrent variceal bleeding was Non-invasive markers to predicate esophagic varices and risk of bleeding in children with portal cavernoma.


After successful submission of Online Application Form for Admission to Stream 1 Block 1, you will get a confirmation on your email e and Mobile Number submitted during registration process. The patients with the most severe hematemesis presented with tortuous and stiffness in left gastric veins in slice CT scan.

Ann Intern Med,pp. Whereas cavernomatowis hypertension can in some cases be treated with TIPSthe absence of normal portal circulation usually makes this impossible.

Residential proof of the learner. Therapeutic Strategy The therapeutic strategy was to gain the maximal beneficial effects of symptom resolution with minimal invasiveness. About Blog Go ad-free. Multivariate logistic regression analysis demonstrated that the presence of ascites, collateral circulation, and portal venous nio were independent prognostic factors of recurrent variceal bleeding for patients with portal cavernoma.

Trombosis de la vena porta | Anales de Pediatría

The covariates incorporated into the multivariate analysis were the variables that reached in univariate analysis. A J Radiol,pp. Diseases of the liver and biliary system, 9.

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