LILY • Glazed Porcelain Origin: Italy Colors: Carbone • Pergamena • Madreperla • Optical Sizes: 50x50in Shades & Textures: Light #lily #glazed #porcelain #italy. Consult Cerdomus Ceramiche’s entire LILY catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ Where to buy Lily collection tiles by Cerdomus Ceramiche. Ceramic.

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DIMI July 15, at 6: Tamago July 14, at 6: I hope you got some sunshine, too! Your balcony looks beautiful with new tiles. Have a lovely week!!! Dear Mariette,those Italian tiles,look gorgeous!! In the past we had tiles put onto it but they were not very well laid. It’s going to be wonderful when it’s done!

Tiles porcelain stoneware Cerdomus – Lily indoor floor tiles

We’re so glad we invested wisely and it already paid of big time. Water had gotten underneath them and after frost, the grout had cracked and even caused a moist ceiling in the storage room beneath.


Dearest Michiko, Yes you are right about going green often going hand in hand with nice looks. Thanks for your visit and comment. Enjoy your wet weekend. So husband Pieter went ahead and took them all off, using a crow bar, he could lift big segments of them so that did indicate they were ‘loose’ I has Honda Prelude both of made in Japanese cars too.

When I go back to my hometown in Japan, I feel it’s getting greener. Na ja es ist geschafft und das braucht man nur einmal. Happy Sunday evening xox. Ayu Maselli July 15, at 5: TexWisGirl July 12, at 8: I also do classes and consulting E di questo ti ringrazio Mariette, vedere quanto ami il mio paese mi fa un immenso piacere.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder July 14, at 6: Fijn weekend en liefs, Mariette.

Rosetta July 13, at 3: Ook veel van mijn bloempotten in de tuin komen daar vandaan,kunnen in de winter buiten blijven staan en zijn goed bestand tegen de vorst. It looks like more people start thinking green as the high costs and bad economy makes them think twice.


Hugs to you and hope your weekend was good. Always trying to recycle, repurpose or even upcycle. Europe is far more strict on Environmental issues than other parts of the world and we ought to become more conscious no matter where we live.

Siamo entrambi molto a belle e anche preziose cose dall’Italia per avere per in e intorno alla nostra casa. Cerdomus Green Tile; Durango Ambra The color is very beautiful, I really like earthy colors. Dearest Karen, Thank you, yes the tiles are ‘green’ but wet with all the rain here. It must be beautiful!

Lily Corallo Sat. 50*50

Green tile Recycling Recycling Repurposing Upcycling you do have cerdomus Italian Green tiles just suit with fantastic idea for very nice. I like the colour!!! Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder July 17, at

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