Model of the ziggurat of Choga Zanbil. In the center of the ancient Elamite city of Dur-Untaš stood the ziggurat, a type of monument that was. Choghā Zanbīl, also spelled Tchoghā Zanbīl or Choga Zambil, ruined palace and temple complex of the ancient Elamite city of Dur Untashi (Dur Untash), near. A. Sutherland – – The Chogha Zanbil, meaning “basket mound ” is the oldest existing ziggurat in the Near East. Located in.

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Please try again later. This idea is also present in the name of zajbil Babylonian temple tower Etemenanki: Near the temples of Kiririsha and Hishmitik-Ruhuratir, kilns were found that were probably used for the production of baked bricks and decorative materials. The ziggurat was given a facing of baked bricks, a number of which have cuneiform characters giving the names of deities in the Elamite and Akkadian languages.

Tchogha Zanbil – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Featured Stories Apr 25, In the outer area are royal palaces, a funerary palace containing five subterranean royal tombs. For the nearby modern village with this name, see Chogha Zanbil village.

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Choga Zanbil – Ziggurat – Livius

In a second major building phase the original court was filled with a series of mud-brick terraces, each of smaller dimensions than the one below Ghirshman,pp. Therefore, the flight of vaulted stairs was another feature that set the Chogha Zanbil apart from its Mesopotamian counterparts.


The production of these materials and objects occurred on or near the site Ghirshman,p. As more sites are discovered, it means that more sites need to be protected from the “religion of peace” and it’s followers.

Ancient Places Nov 19, The integrity of the landscape and lifestyle of the indigenous communities has largely been protected due to being away from urban areas.

De tempel werd omgezet in een ziggurat en vormt daar de eerste verdieping van. What is the History of Chogha Zanbil?.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Gate with building inscription. A building on chogba grounds contains five vaulted underground tombs, within four of which are cremated remains, and there is one uncremated corpse. December 15, Last Updated: The monument was built by mud bricks and in some cases baked bricks.

It appears that the rest of the land inside the city wall was never settled intensively. It is the largest ziggurat outside of Mesopotamia and the best preserved of this type of stepped pyramidal monument.

Furthermore, inscribed bricks found on zabbil site seem to indicate the presence of an even earlier ziggurat construction in approximately the same area of the site Roche, pp. At the apex of the building stood a temple from which Inshushinak was believed to ascend to the heavens every night. It was this open courtyard within the temple that made it aznbil for the ziggurat to be constructed in its unique manner.


The last two storeys were already destroyed. Donate Now Donate now and help preserve World Heritage sites. Various measures have been taken to counter the negative effects, with some providing better results than others. Retrieved from ” chigha Integrity Within the boundaries of the property are located all the elements and components necessary to express the Outstanding Universal Value of the property, including, among others, the concentric cogha, the royal quarter, the temples, various dependencies, and the ziggurat.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Baked brick, gypsum plaster, vaulting, and architectural ornament chohha faience and glass were extensively used Amiet,p.

It is notable for its oil zanbli. Rediscovering a Centuries-Old Paradise. The Rape of a Goddess: Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. Four of the tombs contained cremated remains and inside one tomb there was one uncremated body.

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