ITC e-Choupal and Saagar. 1. ITC – e ChoupalA Comparative Study; 2. E – Choupal (June ) An initiative of ITC Limited to link directly. ITC Choupal Saagar in Itarsi is a top company in the category Supermarkets, also known for Coconut Retailers, Betel Nut Retailers, Mixed Pickle Retailers. Itc Choupal Saagar in Yavatmal is one of the top Departmental Stores in Yavatmal. Visit Justdial for Address, Contact Number, Reviews & Ratings, Photos , Maps.

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But eventually, some people used them, word of mouth got generated, and rentals picked up gradually. We will look at this part of the equation in greater detail later. As such, Chaupal Sagar is one of the first organised retail forays into the hinterland. Interarch specialized in setting up types of modular buildings that were easily manufactured as per requirement of site within 1 week and shipped to site, assembled and finished in remote locations. But the rest of the infrastructure was expected to be ready only by the first or second week of October.

ITC is offering a very compelling proposition to these companies. Examining the FMCGs, then the cooking utensils, the refrigerators, the plastic-ware, and so on. It will throw up a lot of valuable, real-life data about the rural consumer. Get yourself registered for real experience of app. Interarch expertise in the sector of Rural Retail.

People don’t appreciate just how important it is yet,” he says, referring to the distribution model that the sanchalaks represent. According to officials at the Nabard office in Bhopal, prosperity in this region has been rising for the past ten years – ever since farmers began switching to soya bean cultivation. But first, a look at how this place came up next to the warehouse.


Today, it plans to similarly create revenue streams around its warehouses. Contact us – You are welcome to contact us.

ITC Chaupal Sagar and Haryaali Kisaan Bazaar

They just sat dormant. While ITC refused to comment on this article, investment on a rural mall is estimated to be around Rs 3 crore-5 crore. It works like this.

In that sense, what ITC is doing with this warehouse is similar to what it did with its kiosks. Then, plots of land have been earmarked to display large agricultural machinery like threshers. To solve a similar problem in reach, Eicher Tractors evolved a rental model.

Jump to Main Navigation. This time around, ITC is hoping to capture the rural folks’ out-of-village shopping.

In the months to come, a lot of assumptions and myths will be tested here. Choupal Saagar App is your companion to know promotions, offers, celebrations, contests, activities, fresh arrivals, etc. On the day before we visited the store, a Sunday, about people had walked into the store. Now, how does the mall change this equation? Now, Philips’ coverage is up to per cent in these areas – up from 20 per cent two years ago.

When completed, it will house a bank, a cafeteria, apart from an insurance office and a learning centre. But, unlike the kiosks, higher investment goes into these stores.

ITC plans ‘Choupal Sagar’ hypermarts for rural India

In the past two decades a lot of emphasis has been given to the technological developments in the agricultural sector, in order to raise the standard of living and the quality of the produce of farmers. The main reasons for the chouoal of the platform have been the involvement of local farmers and maintenance of the rural IT network by the corporate entity.

And then, Philips sagaf a call from ITC, which was looking for other companies to ride on its chain. Have a wonderful shopping experience. Which is the point that Subramanian also makes. The mall has come up in one part of this warehouse. They spread out across the shop.


ITC unveils Choupal Sagar expansion plan

Despite that, over the past month, a string of senior corporate executives from FMCG and durable companies alike have been making a car-rattling, bone-jarring odd kilometres journey from Bhopal towards Sehore. It is interesting to watch them in the middle of their shopping experience – picking up FMCGs, biscuits, toothpastes and the like. Now, by setting up the mall next to the warehouse, ITC is trying saar monetise the footfalls from farmers.

Ergo, Philips plans to use the mall to showcase its entire range. To ensure that they keep cyoupal to Chaupal Sagar even at other times, the company is offering a slew of other goodies. Find out all our outfits and find the perfect look for you! And that is why Chaupal Sagar is an important experiment. These need to be sold through the village.

According to BW sources, so far, the store has done OK. That it is the men who do all the shopping? Early last week, when BW travelled to Rafiqganj, only the mall was up.

Is it true what people say about the rural consumer? For the first six months after choupa, company began offering tractors on rent, there was no offtake. Website optimised for IE 7. Press Report Back to Press Reports. ITC is tentatively planning to open another malls this year. It gave about 50 tractors to the sanchalaks, who in turn lease them out to farmers.

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