Cinelerra CV Manual: Table of Contents. Instructions for Ubuntu packages installation · Gentoo · Fedora · Mandriva · Cinelerra CV Manual. La edición de este manual es la ES, para la versión de Cinelerra CV Se permite su distribución y/o modificación bajo los términos de la licencia GNU.

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Kino capture, transcoding, exporting.

This website is alive and growing. Cinelerra tries to be a single location for all your audio and video editing needs. Unlike other programs, the HV release can not be described as “stable”. Cc intend to fix them as users find bugs and as time permits to fix them before making a new release.

That’s when disaster struck!! The ones referred to in this cine,erra are:. Notes Cinelerra is a she. It works on bit and bit Windows. However, not all of the enhancements that the community create make it upstream; for example, YUV pipe rendering.

Cinelerra 7 Original / GG / CV Free Download – VideoHelp

No installation is required. Video newbies who’ve never used a NLE Editor before will find this program a little daunting, I strongly recommend downloading the well-written manual and browsing it first. HV shares its code base with a community version of Cinelerra Cinelerra-CVbut does not actively participate with the community of developers responsible for Cinelerra-CV.

During recent years, we’ve fallen a bit behind with merging HV’s releases, but it still is our goal to do so. This tutorial is split into many howtos.


It works on bit and bit Mac OS. Review by GMaq on Dec 23, Version: The current version of this software is Cinelerra-GG 5.

Cinelerra CV Manual: Table of Contents

You may join our mailing list at http: Linux Ease of use: Programmers occasionally send patches upstream. Help us keep the list up to date and submit new video software here. Free Trial version available for download and testing with usually a time limit or limited functions. In the event that the program crashes it usually is kind enough to create a backup so you can restart and reload your work.

Interpolating CR2 images always white balances.

The ones referred to in this tutorial are: It can even be used as a photo retoucher. The community is very responsive. For years, some people have wanted a way to edit their audio and video in one place as fluidly as writing text. You can learn how to use Cinelerra in 15 minutes or so by following Rob Fishers guide. You can also see a A Brief History of Time, written from the developer’s point of view.

Review by linwindude on Aug 1, Version: I believe it succeeds on it’s own merits. The domain was then taken over by a different project, which is following commercial interests.

This can be harder to use, but does make it tremendously powerful, and for some operations blistering fast. When there is a new official release, few members usually just Johannes Sixt merge HV’s code with our code taking the new enhancements from HV, and re-arranging our version to be more similar to the original whitespace, function naming, directory naming, slight changes in implementations etc. Review by danboid on Sep 17, Version: It teaches the easiest way to do things, but not necessarily the way that produces the best results.


Every few months a release is made on SourceForge. The sources of the manuals are Texinfo files. Consumers should consider other tools such as Avidemux http: Rather than implementing the latest cutting-edge technology, new features of the software are tested for a while and patches from the mabual have to be a approved by a core developer.

Though in the past, Adam Williams stopped by at our mailing list occasionally. Rating Rating from We apply bug fixes, compiler compliance fixes, and enhancements for the HV code to our git repository.

Cinelerra is a video editor and compositor. Oct 13, File size: It can be used to record audio or video. EN, manua Cinelerra CV version 2.


This does not mean that enhancements to the software are forbidden, they are very welcome. I have been trying it out for a couple of months now in both Linux Mint 4. A version of this manual for Cinelerra-CV is available online http: For a while, they released their cinlerra version “5.

Cinelerra is one of the most advanced, open-source non-linear video editors and compositors for Linux.

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