This chapter provides a brief description of the elements in the Cisco Prime LMS user interface. It explains: • Understanding Interface Elements. Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution (LMS) is an integrated suite of management functions that simplify the configuration, administration. CiscoWorks LMS Portal is the first page that appears when you launch the LMS application. It serves as an interface, launch point and top-level navigation for.

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However, results ranking takes case into account and assigns higher scores to case matches. Without the quotation marks, the query is equivalent to specifying an OR operator, which finds topics with one of the individual words instead of the phrase.

Are you sure you would like to use one of your credits tokens to purchase this title? This innovative solution offers end-to-end management for business critical technologies and services, such as, medianet, TrustSec, and EnergyWise. Monitoring an incident for problems. Unlock course access forever with Packt credits. Sign in to myQA.

CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution Integration

Speak to our team now UK Calls may be recorded – learn more. Discovering and Monitoring Your Network. Learn more about our business solutions.

Topics that contain the word “cat”.


Results returned are case insensitive. At the end lma this course you will be able to: Help us improve by sharing your feedback. Fully accredited to ensure we provide the highest possible standards in learning. Configuring SNMP trap incidents. Learn more about our online courses.

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Upgrading from NNM 6. Over new eBooks and Videos added each month. Navigating Console and Learning Network Inventory.

When you enter a group of words, OR is inferred. How NNMi will impact my infrastructure. Cisco Prime LMS provides several different ways to integrate and leverage the data and capabilities provided including; programmatic interfaces, data export, northbound notifications, web-based integration and database access.

Configuring the CiscoWorks LMS collector

Network designers Network engineers Systems engineers Certifications: Speak to our team now UK: This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. To search for information in the Help, type a word or phrase in the Search box. Expanding system capabilities using URLs.

The primary audience for this course is: You’re currently viewing a course logged out Sign Mls. Select an element on the page. Monitor and troubleshoot the network Use the Work Centers to perform complete lifecycle management of network devices Perform advanced pms tasks in CiscoWorks LMS.

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Controlling Access to NNMi. Backup and restore strategies. Once installed, prepackaged monitoring and troubleshooting dashboards provide actionable information to quickly isolate and fix network problems before they affect services.

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You will also find its grammatical variations, such as “cats”. Sign in access types. Most popular online courses.

Integration of these tools can increase value for monitoring. Upgrading from NNMi 8. It can also monitor network devices. Share Facebook Email Twitter Reddit. Find Out More Start Trial. Migrating Oracle data in NNMi. How access to NNMi works. Find dates and prices Online booking is currently not available ciiscoworks this course, to find out more please call us on or ljs us at info qa. However, you can change your cookie settings at any time.

Using NNMi logging processes.

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