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The art of acquiring perfect concentration is a slow process, and most of us are only in process of acquiring it.

To him those who are cliarvoyance from this plane are dead no longer, but living and within reach for a long time to come; for him many of the conceptions of religion are no longer matters of faith, c.w.leadbeaterr of knowledge. Many of them are in a condition of great surprise and perplexity, and sometimes even of acute distress, because they the facts of the next world so unlike the childish legends which are all that popular religion in the West has to offer with reference to this transcendently important subject; and therefore a man who understands this new world and can explain matters is distinctly a friend in need.

The vision of the mental plane is again [Page 17] totally different, for in this case we can no longer speak of separate senses such as sight and hearing, but rather have to postulate one general sense which responds claurvoyance fully to the vibrations reaching it that, when any object comes within its cognition, it at once comprehends clairvoysnce fully, and as it were sees it, hears it, feels it, and knows all there is to know about it by the one instantaneous operation.

For to possess them without having first acquired those other qualifications would be indeed a curse and not a blessing, for you would then misuse them, and your last state would indeed be worse than the first. Even in its more restricted sense it covers a wide range of phenomena, differing so greatly in character that it is not easy to give a definition of the word which shall be at once succinct and accurate.

A large section of these additional vibrations will still belong to the physical plane, and will merely enable us to obtain impressions c.w.leafbeater the etheric part of that plane, which v.w.leadbeater at present as a closed book to us. The experimenter, for example, has no power to shift claivoyance point of view; his telescope, so to speak, has a particular field of view which cannot be enlarged or altered; he is looking at his scene from a certain direction, and he cannot suddenly turn it all round and see how it looks from the other side.

Clairvoyance by C. W. Leadbeater

This method does not necessarily involve the possession of any psychic faculty at all on the part of the experimenter; he need only know how to induce some denizen of the astral world to undertake the investigation for him. The vast kingdom of nature-spirits is in the main an astral kingdom, but still there is a large section of it which appertains to the etheric part of the physical plane, and this section, of course, is much more likely to come within the ken of ordinary people than the others.

He will be impressed by the protean forms of the ceaseless tide of elemental essence, ever swirling around him, menacing often, yet always retiring before a determined effort of the will; he will marvel at the enormous army of entities clairvooyance called out of this ocean into c.w.keadbeater existence by the thoughts and wishes of byy, whether good or evil.


It also enables him to follow with the closest attention and the most lively interest all kinds clairvohance electrical, magnetic, and other etheric action; and when some of the specialists in these branches of science are able to develop the power to see those things whereof they write so facilely, some very wonderful and beautiful revelations may be expected.

The limit of etheric sight when looking through solid matter appears c.wleadbeater be analogous to that imposed upon us when looking through water or mist. Her eyes moved and her mouth went, but she said nothing. There are so many various types among us that it is not possible that one method of meditation can produce equally good results with all.

For example, if anyone will take a good bisulphide-of-carbon prism, and by its means throw a clear spectrum [Page 10] on a sheet of white paper, and then get a number of people to mark upon the paper the extreme limits of the spectrum as it appears to them, he is fairly certain to find that their powers of vision differ appreciably. A noteworthy circumstance in this story is c,airvoyance the mother found it necessary to pass from ordinary sleep into the profounder trance condition before she could consciously visit her children; it can, however, be paralleled [Page 68] here and there among the large number of similar accounts which may be found in the literature of the subject.

The effect was quite prodigious even on the physical plane, though they did not know why. This much we all know, but it may perhaps never have occurred to v.w.leadbeater of us that the number of these vibrations to which we claitvoyance capable of responding is in reality quite infinitesimal. We cannot see beyond a certain distance, because the medium through which we are looking is not perfectly transparent.

Then we certainly shall succeed. Along that line is the most rapid and the most satisfactory progress, but as I have said, it is strictly for those who can take it, and for whom that happens to be the way. He simply finds himself in possession of this special faculty, without any apparent reason to account for it, or any [Page 45] recognizable relation to anything else; and beyond proving to him the existence of these atomic planes and demonstrating their arrangement, it is difficult to see of what particular use it is to him at present.

The depth at which a vein of [Page 34] metal or of coal may lie is no longer a barrier to his sight of it, because he is not now looking through the intervening depth of earth at all. Before leaving the subject of full and intentional clairvoyance, it may be well to devote a few words to answering one or two questions as to its limitations, which constantly occur to students. I have seen something of this, and also of the practices of the Obeah or Voodoo votaries among the Negroes; but these latter are usually connected with magical ceremonies, loathsome, indecent, horrible, such as none of c.w.leaxbeater would dream of touching for any purpose, whatever results might be promised to us.

Clairvoyance by ater

His capacity of examining the etheric double will give him considerable advantage in locating and classifying any defects or diseases of the nervous system, while from the appearance of the astral body he will be at once aware of all the emotions, passions, desires and tendencies of the man before him, and clairvoyamce of very many of his thoughts also. Clairvoyanc most of us have heard of the dancing dervishes, one part of whose religion consists in this curious dance of ecstasy, in which they whirl round and round in a kind of frenzy until vertigo seizes them and they eventually fall insensible to the ground.


He therefore sees what is going on in an adjoining room almost as though no intervening wall existed; he can describe with accuracy the contents of a locked box, or read a sealed letter; with a little practice he can find a given passage in a closed [Page 28] book. Two other stories of precisely the same type – in which a dying mother, earnestly desiring to see her children, falls into a deep sleep, visits them and returns to say that she has done so – are given by Dr. But choose your time, and let it be the same time each day, and let no day pass without your regular effort.

Having now to some extent cleared our ground, we may proceed to consider the various phenomena of clairvoyance. Among non-Aryan tribes in India it is often obtained by the use of drugs—bhang, hashish, and others of the same kind.

Hinton, of Washington, D. Cleave, then at Portsmouth, appeared, intentionally on two occasions to a young lady [Page 66] in London, and alarmed her considerably. In dealing with the phenomena, then, we will arrange them rather according to the capacity of the sight employed than to the plane upon which it is exercised, so that we may group instances of clairvoyance under some such headings as these: By the use of the astral body, however, a man can move about quite freely and rapidly in any direction, and can for example find without difficulty any place pointed out upon a map, without either any previous knowledge of the spot or any object to establish a connection with it.

There is something still better, perhaps, for those who find that they can do it readily and easily; and that is contemplation.

Clairvoyance Index

I will have given some quite modern cases almost exactly parallel to the above in my little book on Invisible Helpers. It is true that from the ranks of the Society men have been chosen to come into closer relation with them; but none could guarantee that as a result of becoming a member, for it rests with them alone, for they see further into the hearts of men than we.

Andrew Lang clairgoyance, in his Dreams and Ghosts page 89an account of how Mr. We speak of the time as devoted to aspiration towards the Master; but there are different lines of aspiration. There remains, however, an irresolvable residuum of cases in which a solitary instance occurs of the exercise of undoubted clairvoyance, while yet the occasion seems to us wholly trivial and unimportant.

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