Reserved. Classic BattleTech Miniatures. Rules, Classic BattleTech, BattleTech,. “Mech, BattleMech and the WK Games are registered trademarks and/or trade-. Classic Battletech Miniatures Rules [Fanpro] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It is the 31st century—a time of war. Vast star empires. For playing “classic” BattleTech using terrain and stuff. The version of Total Warfare I have says that they’re a free download, but the downloads.

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Classic BattleTech Miniatures Rules – BattleTechWiki

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Battleech Policy. SinceCatalyst Game Labs has assumed control of the franchise. This article is about the board game. Players use two six-sided dice to determine variable results, such as whether a shot strikes its target and the location it hits. Classic BattleTech is a table-top wargame set in the fictional BattleTech universe that simulates combat between futuristic mechanized forces.


Current version of the Classic BattleTech logo.

FanPro intended these six books to be the official core rules set that will govern all gameplay within the BattleTech dules, be it ground combat, space combat or role-playing. Of the units represented in the game, the most miniatires are BattleMechsalso known as ‘Mechs, large, semi-humanoid fighting machines controlled by human pilots.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Total War 2nd ed. The core rule plans are continuing to be refined as rule books come out. For an overview of the franchise, see BattleTech.

Dark Age The Succession Wars. Retrieved from ” https: Catalyst also retained many of the staff members clazsic worked for FanPro. Paper record sheets provide detailed information about each unit, including its armament, armor and equipment, and are used to track damage, heat buildup, ammunition and various other data. Total Warfare is supplemented by six or more other books some pending:.

Classic BattleTech Miniatures Rules

BattleTech is a turn-based multiplayer game, typically played on a map divided into hexagonal grids with figurines or counters representing military units. FanPro licensed the rights from WizKids and under the new name Classic Battletech continued to release sourcebooks and supplements.


Pages using deprecated image syntax Pages classi infobox game with unknown parameters. Archived from the original on The term “Classic” is used to differentiate the original game from variants and related games that have derived from it, such as MechWarrior: This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat BattleTech games Miniatures games. FASA Corporation published the first BattleTech game set inand throughout the ’80s and ’90s released a wide range of supplemental books and materials for the series.

Views Read Edit View history. While pre-designed ‘Mechs, vehicles and other military units are provided with the game, a complex system of design rules allows players to create their own custom units even in the introductory boxed set.

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