Disclaimer: CNC Concepts, Inc. accepts no responsibility for the use or misuse of if you could send me a list of the benefits between using G96 instead of G Constant Surface feet spindle speeds – G96, G97, G77, G To use the following codes the OmniTurn must be equipped with a spindle control package. TwinCAT CNC Axis Commissioning G97 Deselection of constant cutting speed , selection of spindle speed (modal, default) Using the G-functions G96, G97 and G, the interpretation of the S-word (or S-strings) can be optionally changed.

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Guess my question can be taken a few different ways.

So when you’re working in constant surface speed mode, cycle time is inversely proportional to spindle speed in rpm. I had read an article sometime back in your newsletter on this subject but I cannot remember which issue it was in.

Screw Threading G76 can only be done in Gg97 In constant surface speed mode, the spindle speed in rpm is automatically determined by the CNC control based upon the diameter a tool is currently cutting and the speed specified in surface feet per minute or meters per minute in metric mode.

Once it gets into position 9g7 G96 kicks on, you shouldn’t see any spindle speed fluctuation and it will go right into the cut at the appropriate speed.

G96 & G97 on lathe. – Industrial Forum –

I had my own shop after that for 6 years, went to work for other shops for the last 4 years and now Im back on my own again. Check it out if you want. Use your display name or email address to sign in: Make 2 simple programs and go watch it run, soon as you see the 2nd program run you’ll have that “aha” moment I guarantee! One common reason why setup people and operators on the shop floor continue to use rpm mode -even though it is easier to use sfm mode – is that they have a background in manual machining.


Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I am in the process of buying another used lathe but want to keep using this one if it is possible to fix it. So G50 keeps the machine from spinning too fast for safe cutting conditions. Mike, For Fanuc controlled turning centers, G96, of course, specifies constant surface speed mode, while G97 specifies rpm mode. This mode is only used for single point turning tools boring bars, turning tools, grooving tools, etc.

I find it peculiar that someone asks a question and suddenly his knowledge is questioned, as if everybody here knows everything and was born knowing.

Basic Turning G96 G97 – CNC Programmer Training

Again, this causes the tool to create a consistent finish throughout the workpiece. This is put there because if you were to start in G96 mode, while your turret is in home position, the spindle would have to start spinning h97 1 RPM or so.

Then I tried to enter programs manually via MDI on the control and found the whenever I try to type G96 or G97 and hit write, it reverts to the last entry. At this point the constant surface speed mode is re-selected with the proper speed in sfm. Mori Seiki Sl-1 G96 G97 missing I am sorry y96 continuously post on this Mori Sl-1 lathe, but mechanical problems aside headstock alignmentit no longer accepts as valid, G96 and G Since the feedrate is tied to spindle speed, as the spindle speeds up and slows down in rpm, so will the feedrate in inches per minute.

This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Everything must be done in rpm.


My hamster suffered with depression on account of being stuck in a cage all day and not having a girlfriend oh and he had a lot of credit card debts too. While this is great during each tool’s cutting operation, consider what happens during tool changing.

What I really mean is that the most important thing is to understand what the machine can do and the concepts of programming and Basic Turning.

When compromising speed as must be done xnc working in rpm mode, the spindle seldom runs at the appropriate rpm, and tool life may suffer. This constant increase and decrease in rpm not only wastes cycle time, it wastes electricity and causes undue wear-and-tear on the spindle drive system.

I made a video a while ago to explain CSS. My next question is, how does it determine G97?

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Poor workholding setups – Since speed in rpm is difficult to determine when working in constant surface speed mode, it should only be used when making adequate setups. I have tried to explain the advantages as far as the increase of tool life as long as G96 is used properly but they continue to reject this mode. Is there a way to reprogram the ROM? I appreciate anything you might be able to send me on g996 topic.

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