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Unless you’re really interested in this theme, don’t read prrophet book. Suitable for students of all ages. Learn about the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, their lives, their characteristics, their perseverance, and their roles in spreading Islam.

Rehan rated it it was amazing Dec 19, This is the story of how Muslims taught Europe to live well and think clearly. If adversity befalls him he patiently accepts it, and is rewarded for it.

It is my hope that the reader will find actual examples of qualities we all need to instill in ourselves and our dear ones so that Muslims may once again take their proper place and play their vital role in human civilization and history.

A good understanding of the companions of the Prophet pbuh, I was able prlphet gain insight and learn from such noble beings!

Companions of the Prophet – Book 1 by Abdulwahid Hamid

Heroes and Heroism Every nation has its own heroes. For centuries following the fall of Rome, Western Europe was a benighted backwater, a world of subsistence farming, minimal literacy, and violent conflict. And fhe reminds us that inspired leaders from Muhammad to Suleiman the Magnificent and beyond championed religious tolerance, encouraged intellectual inquiry, and sponsored artistic, architectural, and literary ahmid that still dazzle us with their brilliance.


Companions of the Prophet – Book 1 by Abdulwahid Hamid.

With over pictures, illustrations or maps. This is the first of two formerly published as a series of three books based on original Arabic sources and written in a style that is lively and often gripping.

I don’t think this is a bad book, but I wouldn’t recommend to anyone other than a Muslim interested about this theme Audio Sample 6 Your browser does not support the audio element. Dec 14, miss s jabin rated it it was amazing.

Audio Sample 5 Your browser does not support the audio element. Lists with This Book.

Companions of the Prophet (Set of 2 Books)

The men and women whose stories are told here helped to lay the foundations of a new world order, and it is only fitting that they should be more widely known. Your input will help other customers make better purchases and product choices from Noorart.

Satan may even deceive them into feeling that the reason companioms the non-Muslims’ worldly success is their following of ways other than Islam. This first theme also ta So I really want to give this a 2.

Prophett it alone can a person enjoy peace and tranquility in this world and attain real happiness in the life hereafter. Michael Hamilton Morgan reveals how early Muslim advancements in science and culture laid the cornerstones of the European Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and modern Western society. Marzy Nighthunter rated it it was amazing Mar 18, For more information about our Retail Loyalty Program, please click here. Rabia rated it companiond was amazing Apr 24, prophst Hundreds of footnotes, occasional appendices and maps add detail and color to the text.


This book was written by popular author and convert to Islam, Suzanne Haneef who has lived and traveled widely in Muslim lands. To ask other readers questions about Companions of the Prophet – Book 1please sign up. When the best libraries in Europe held several dozen books, Baghdad’s great library, The House of Wisdom, housed four hundred thousand.

Take a moment to review this product! Born in the tenth Century his passion for knowledge was unbound, and he made lasting contributions to medicine, maths and philosophy. His goal is not worldly pleasures and gains, but rather the Pleasure of Allah.

Ghe PT, and Graveyards of the Pacific. Stories for some of the greatest heroes and role models of Islam. Purpose of this Book In this book we will try to present glimpses of the lives of a few heroes of Islam.

Shipping info Returns are Easy. First, let me begin by saying that the book has two themes, one good, one not so good. Murabitha rated it it was amazing Feb 19, Return to Book Page. For a Muslim hero, be he a military genius, a scholar teacher, or a devout common person, knows that the transient life in this world is a means to the eternal life in the Hereafter, and that ephemeral pains and pleasures are nothing compared to the everlasting pains and pleasures of Hell and Heaven.

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