Compare this with Dee’s Compendium Heptarchiae Mysticae, an earlier version but De HEPTARCHIA MYSTICA, (Diuinis, ipsius Creationis, stabilis legibus). Compendium Heptarchia Mystica by John Dee, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Compendium Heptarchiæ Mysticæof Dr. John Dee ^Compendium Heptarchiæ Mysticæ;^ Diuinis (ip{sius} Creationi{onis} stabil.

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This is a nine-inch diameter disk about an inch thick made from beeswax, into the top of which is engraved a complex image incorporating names of power, including those of the planetary archangels, lineal figures of the pentagram and heptagram, and a system of letters and numbers around the edge that encodes additional names.

Mich – Diuide this owtward Circle into 40 equall partes: Note, As Michael and Uriel, at the begynning of these revealed mysteries, were present, and gaue Authority to Carmara, to order the whole Heptarchicall Reuelation; so, at the Conclusion, they appeared agayn and Raphael with them; and Michael concluded the second boke of this particular Reuelation Heptarchicall, with these words following: Of the Title, and generall Contents of this boke, some nedefull Testimonies.

Sunrise is when each new day begins, not midnight as in the modern calendar.


In speaking of the greater I haue comprehended the lesser. This article is a rough transcript of the presentation I gave this last weekend at Paganicon And finally, to a purpose and Intent, Wherby the Maiestie and Name of God, shall, and may, and, of force must appeare; with the Apparition of his wonders, and mervayles yet unhard of.

Liber primus.

But respect the world to come, whereunto thow art provyded: Bagenol appered not, by that name. And finally all they that use Nature with Abuse: Venite vos, qui sub mea estis potestate K. And bad the Skryer to loke. Ille Deus noster, est vere Nobilis et aeternus.

Compendium Heptarchiæ Mysticæ

Yea, even in these most miserable, and lamentable Dayes. Yf it Rule worldly princis: The Governors that work and Rule under God. And Behold, Thow art provyded for that tyme. The Character is an Instrument appliable Onely to dignification. And by that name to me knowne: Madeline rated it liked it Oct 15, This is a Mysterie: In one of several tracts which Dee wrote in the s encouraging British exploratory expeditions in search of the Northwest Passage, he appears to have coined the term “British Empire.

Neyther shall his mynde consent to the wyckednes coompendium Iniquitie. And after ward he called but five kings: All our Mysteries shalbe known vnto you. Monday, January 13, Introduction to the Heptarchia Mystica.


Grace, mercy and peace be unto the liuely branches of his florishing kingdome and strong art thow in thy glory, which dost unknytt the Secret parts of thy liuely workmanship: King Bnaspen, die The latter, of course, was used and elaborated on by the founders of the Golden Dawn, and has come to be known as Enochian magic.

The Heptarchia Mystica of John Dee

All the Princis, had Cerclets, of Gold on theyr heds: The knowledg of Metalls. Secondly the Ministers of his Powre are Six: Whan Thow wilt work for any thing apperteyning to the estate of a good King.

Age King Carmara, Novemb. H being put for B. Wings of Aethyr Loading They toke the letters from theyr forheds, and set them in a Circle.

Michael,Marty Her favor encreased with the good wills of Diuerse, that are now deceyvers. Prince Butmono sayd this; but the office is ascribed under king Bnaspol to Prince Blisdon: Uriel – A Mysterie not yet to be knowne.

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