A Composition in raga Hamsadhwani which is in Teen taal is given here. The Composition, Alaap and the Taans are given along with bansuri. This Yaman composition for bansuri flute is composed in Dadra taal (6 beat rhythmic cycle). In the following style this composition is played. Bansuri: raag bhupali – introduction & 1st composition. The aroha (or the ascent) is sa re ga pa dha sa’. Aroha: sa re ga pa dha sa. Bhupali is a pentatonic raga.

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The word Bansuri is actually the conjunction of two words — Baans bamboo and Sur musical note. I haven’t found anything else like it online.

It can be said that much of the effect of Indian music can still be made on a western flute, but also it is true that the nuance and effect is more profound on the actual bansuri.

I knew he enjoyed listening to Hansadhwani, so I taught him this bansyri you can download the full, unedited mp3 by clicking the link; right-click to download.

Thanks for making this possible. How it works The book is cmopositions PDF form, and when you purchase it, I will email you instructions on how to download it.

Both compositions are in teental. Finding compositions and learning materials for Indian Classical Music can be challenging, as very few exist online or in bookstores. Compositions for Bansuri is an excellent tool for anybody who plays Indian Classical Music, regardless of instrument or experience.


One of my students, George, came by for his second flute lesson. This is an absolutely indispensable tool for anybody interested in Indian Classical Music. Compositions for Bansuri is a fabulous tool to help you learn bamboo flute!

Hansadhwani Flute Lesson | Compositions

Get on the mailing list Book Series Please sign up for the Indian Flute Music mailing list so I can inform you when these books become available! It has been said to bbansuri one of the most serene and sensual instruments to come out of India. The book will give you the structure to play ragas, to improvise and to practice in clmpositions effective manner with good musical habits that allow you improve rapidly.

There are lots of great recordings of Hansadhwani, and a good place to start is the recording by Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao.


I have never found a functional way to convey the intricacies of Indian Classical Music notation using computer software, and thus the compositions are hand-written. Beginners will find the 7-page introduction to Indian Classical Music which includes an explanation on how to read Indian Music notation very useful, while advanced musicians will enjoy difficult ragas such as Jhinjoti or Darbari, and complex tals such compositionns Ada Chautal or Matta Tal.

It makes it easier to compositiojs and learn.

Finally in I embarked on a trip to India to go deeper into the music and to go deeper into the bansuri. Get on the mailing list Click the image to download the PDF. What is especially unique about the bansuri is that it is able to draw on both the vocal and instrumental traditions of Indian music. The tone Hariprasad produces is so rich and his expression so pure, precise and musical, I was instantly converted.


We organizing Bansuri Masterclass with Rishab Prasanna. You can download the PDF of the notes here. So it’s a win-win situation. Why do I have it as a PDF versus a printed book? The book is in PDF form, and when you purchase it, I will email you instructions on how to download it.

This is an almost full-length recording of Kerry Kriger teaching a lesson in Jog to Avadhoot Bhambare, March 1st It is intimately associated with Krishna’s Rasa lila; the tunes on his flute are poetically associated with driving the women of Braj mad. I’ll have the book available for sale here as soon as possible!

The fipple variety is usually played in folk music and is held away from the lips like a whistle. What I began to feel was that this beautiful instrument is very well suited to Indian music but also is wonderful in other types of music. November 4, No Comments by Peter Westbrook.

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