Total phenolic compounds, flavonoids and antioxidant activity in the flowers of Crataegus spp. from México. Compuestos fenólicos totales, flavonoides y. RESUMEN Los compuestos fenólicos son ubicuos en alimentos de origen vegetal. La alta ingesta de frutas, vegetales y cereales está relacionada con un bajo. This review deals with the oxidation processes induced by light and atmospheric oxygen, as well as the protective action on antioxidant compounds.

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Actividad antioxidante de los compuestos fenólicos [1993]

The fraction of phenol compounds not absorbed in the small intestine and that reaches the large intestine is metabolized by colonic bacteria. Development and validation of an HPLC-method for determination of free and bound phenolic acids in cereals after solid-phase extraction.

Nonetheless, bioactive claims are compuesfos without taking into consideration the further modifications to which phenolic compounds are subjected once ingested.

Mol Nutr Food Res. Flavonols have been implicatedin providing photoprotection against UV irradiation through a screening function. Moreover, genistein absorption was studied by Liu and Hu 96 using Caco-2 cell monolayers and rats; in Caco-2 cells they reported that aglycones of genistein are 5 times fenollicos permeable than their corresponding glycosides; besides in rats, aglycones of genistein underwent phase II transformations of glucuronidation and sulfation.

Mango peel dietary fibre: The content of total phenolic compounds and flavonoids were determined by the Folin-Ciocalteau and aluminum chloride colorimetric methods Quettier et al.

In fact, the health benefits of their dietary intake have been related, at least in part, to their phenolic compounds content 3. Antibacterial and compueetos activity of the unifloral honeys of Quillaja saponariaan endemic Chilean species.

Phenolic compounds bound fenolucos rhamnose must reach the colon to be hydrolyzed by bacterial ramnosidases prior to its absorption Induction of defense mechanism against Fusarium oxysporum in netted melon Cucumis melo fruit with bio-elicitor. J Food Compost Anal For quillay honey, the results of this study indicated that important differences existed in entire honey and its separated extract obtained from Amberlite XAD Tannins bioactivity mostly depends on their grade of polymerisation and solubility.


According to Phippsthere are difficult taxonomic problems in Mexican Crataegus.

The environmental factors do not seem to influence the phenolic compounds content among species and accessions analyzed, and the variations of the metabolites may be of genetic origin Bignami et al. In cereals, phenolic compounds can be present in the free or bounded form; bound phenolics are mostly attached to arabinosyl chains of cell wall arabinoxylans 5, 6. Furthermore, the application of PVPP pretreatment in the separated extracts indicated an important influence of non-phenolic reducing compounds in the polyphenolic content measured by the FC method.

Surprisingly, no effects were observed when E. The fractionation of honey on a XAD-2 column is the most commonly used in published studies. In vitro and in vivo conjugation of dietary hydroxycinnamic acids by UDP-glucuronosyltransferases and sulfotransferases in humans.

In contrast, presence of gallic acid and p -coumaric acid was observed when E. This PVPP-based procedure allows for the evaluation fenolicoz total phenolic content through FC methodology without cmpuestos contribution of nonphenolic reducing compounds. Some authors have suggested the existence of a specific mechanism of anthocyanins absorption at the gastric level, which could involve transport via gastric bilitranslocase 12,14, Crit Rev Oral Biol Med.

The pollen grains from each sample were identified fenopicos the palinoteque and reference bibliography Montenegro and Timmermann, Additionally, numerous physiological effects beneficial to compueshos health are attributed to the flavonoids as anticancer agents. Hydrolytic reactions mainly target functional groups as carboxylic acid ester, amide, lactone and others.

Furthermore, the resulting honey is also influenced by others factors, such as environmental conditions femolicos climate Iurlina et al, ; Pyrzynska and Biesaga, ; Montenegro et al.


Review: compuestos fenólicos dietéticos, beneficios a la salud y bioaccesibilidad

Phenolic markers in chemotaxonomy and plant cultivar recognition. Louis, Missouri, USA as stable radical to reduced DPPH, reaction was monitored at nm by the gradual color change purple to yellowwhich increases gradually according to the number of electrons accepted Cotelle et al.

Uses of unifloral ulmo honey extract as a bactericide and a fungicide, in: In the present study the production of phenolic acids and flavonoid compounds by E. Phenolic extracts Phenolic extracts of the honeys were prepared following the methodology of Montenegro et al.

Actividad antioxidante de los compuestos fenólicos

Nevertheless, sole dietary consumption of plantbased foods allows us to utilize fully the phenolic compounds present in those foods. Phenolic compounds constitute a substantial and an important group of phenylpropanoids produced by plants as secondary metabolites. Competing interests Authors state that there is no conflict of interest when drawing the manuscript.

Phenolics are chemical compounds that have at least one aromatic ring to which one or more hydroxyl groups are bonded to aromatic or aliphatic structures Comparison of Swiss red wheat grain and fractions for their antioxidant properties.

Relationship beteen activation of “detoxicating” enzymes in stored broken-cell preparations and in autolysing liver. The extractions of phenolic acids from samples of E.

A review on antioxidants, prooxidants and related controversy: This result would explain why in some cases the differences between ORAC values of entire honey and extracts were small. These authors concluded that apple consumption may serve to protect against colon cancer by protecting gut cells against DNA damage and abnormal extracellular behavior.

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