For mission-critical applications where reliability is paramount, or when the cost of printing is a concern, the Compuprint is ready to support core business . Buy direct from the leader in Compuprint! Compuprint is in stock at SINCA – Printers, Parts, Supplies & Repair Services. Call !. The Compuprint dot matrix printer prints up to characters per second on up to 8 part forms. Get a quick quote. Find specifications. Ask experts.

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With the help of another person, remove the two foam shells on either side of the printer, the plastic bag covering the printer and the two carton compiprint.

You can select the Zero character printing with or without a slash. The figure in the following page shows the structure and how to move inside the Program Setup.

Check the paper path and remove the jammed paper. Lock No Line Sp. Alternate Parks the paper in the currently selected paper path. Lock the left and right sprockets moving comppurint sprocket levers up. This setup defines the ocmpuprint of the LAN interface and is structured according to the interface specific parameters. A unique paper handling path for two simultaneous forms and the zero-tear-off capability make the printer the ideal solution for high demanding mission critical requirements, yet support a variety of forms and documents.

This printer can be connected to your host computer via different available interfaces on two alternative controllers. This number is represented by a decimal notation where the decimal values are divided by points in four fields. Such print performance combined with eight copies capability, dual tractors, wide range of barcodes, macrocharacters, emulations, interfaces and extraordinary global reliability make the Compuprint plus unique!


The setup parameters are divided into two printer setups, the 10030 Configuration, that allows a complete configuration at installation time according to the hardware and the emulation types, and the Program Setup, that allows you to set the functions that are the most useful in your daily job.

Function Enables or disables the printer.

Compuprint | Impact Printers | Compuprint Series

Ribbon Cartridge Installation Make sure that you are using only Compuprint original consumables. Page Print Matrix horizontal x vertical HS Draft 10 cpi 9 x 12 12 cpi micro 15 cpi normal 15 cpi 17,1 cpi 20 cpi micro 24 cpi normal 24 cpi Print Density characters per inch Normal 10 – 12 – 15 – Open the Push tractors cover turning it upwards until it stops. Page 2 Sferal wwt recommends to use only its original Compuprint branded consumables with original packaging identified by its holographic label.

Compuprint Part Description: Remove the accessories out of the packing box and slide the packing box off the printer. Disconnect the connector cable and press on the push buttons to disengage the Front2 push tractor. Compuprint Dot Matrix Printer Manufacturer: Push the cartridge down gently until it clips into place at locking points.

The messages indicating the paper paths are shown depending upon the printer model and if compuprimt corresponding loading device is installed on the printer. Open the sprocket covers of the left and right sprocket.


cojpuprint Such print performance combined with eight copies capability, dual tractors, wide range compuprijt barcodes, macrocharacters, emulations, interfaces and extraordinary global reliability make the.

Configuring The Printer The operator panel enables you to perform many of the printer functions including paper path selections, font selection and the printer setup.

To avoid damage to the ribbon, do not turn the winding knob in the com;uprint direction. All trademarks herein recalled are registered by their respective companies. Attach the Controller Board with the two screws using the screwdriver that came in the Controller Board box. Remove the used ribbon cartridge by lifting it up. It is important to use the correct paper for obtaining the best performance.

Page Mean Time between failure: The display shows OPER. Interface Settings Depending upon the installed Controller Board, the printer can be equipped with different interfaces to connect to the host system.

Pressing the toward the back of the printer. The printer will return the print head to the vertical position established before turning on Oversize modes at the completion of printing of the current barcode symbol.

Compuprint 10300 User Manual

Open compprint upper printer cover and remove the fixing strip from the print head and from the bail two strips. NO Enable or disables the buzzer. The display shows alternately:

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