Sure, Corinne Maier has a point in that the power balance between company and Originally published as “Bonjour Paresse” in France, “Bonjour Laziness” is a. Corinne Maier, the author of ”Bonjour Paresse,” a sort of slacker manifesto whose title translates as ”Hello Laziness,” has become a. Bonjour paresse (), Corinne Maier, éd. Michalon, (ISBN 3), p. Il est clair que dans un monde où il est conseillé d’être souple, bien vu.

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The problem is knowning when And if you need a snack between chapters, Scott Adams’ Dilbert comic strip, which is wittier and substantially more perceptive than anything Maier offers, will do nicely. Goodreads helps you corine track of books you want to read. When she received the letter from her employer, she did what any French worker would do: How exactly does that advance human society, much less your employer?

No other OECD country has witnessed as dramatic a fall in the number of hours worked per inhabitant. The truculent chapter titles, including Business Culture: Sunday, June 5, She faces a disciplinary hearing next month, accused of attempting to “rot the system from within”. L’affaire semble donc grave. And her point is a fairly obvious one: The basic gist was a kind of snarky, ironic look at office culture in France. Maier, who works part-time, has been with EDF for 12 years. Rewritten by the management, it becomes official history, with its own heroes and festivals to motivate the worker and encourage identification with the company, unified and indivisible.

They’d much rather zonk out on the job for free. There is no scope for personal fulfilment. I guess I’ve never actually finished this book–too lazy!

Bonjour paresse – Wikipedia

She examines and scorns, too, the impenetrable language that business uses “only communist regimes have churned out more jargon,” she asserts brightly. Zudem hat das Lob der Faulheit echte Tradition in Frankreich. Once you’ve found one of these plum jobs, never move.


Plusieurs de ses publications se jouent de la langue de bois contemporaine qui uniformise les discours.

Bonjour Laziness: Why Hard Work Doesn’t Pay

They may not measure intelligence or competence, but at least documents are proof that the wage earner, the small-time manager, paresae how to buckle down.

I think the author has a horribly negative attitude about the corporate world. Three of these come out later this year, two introductory books on Gaullism and Nazi Germany and “a more intello” book on Pasteur. Lists with This Book.

Corinne Maier – Wikiquote, le recueil de citations libres

Or is there something corinnd you want to do with your life? Corinne Maier has a simple ambition. Maybe if it sells in the United States.

Sitting in the living room of her Left Bank apartment, decorated with colorful abstract art, huge stereo speakers and a bicycle, Ms. First, the proportion of people of working age in France who manage to find jobs has plunged to On to the next. This provocative book is aimed at ” ‘demoralizing’ you — maire is, in the sense of making you lose your morale.

There is no narrative of any sort, nor any sort of overarching structure to give the thing a semblance of coherence.

Maier is typical of France’s intelligentsia, overeducated and underemployed. An IFOP poll cited in the book claims 17 percent of French managers are already so “actively disengaged” with their work that they are practically committing industrial sabotage.

In the Dilbert comics, one lesson is that it is not enough for you to succeed, others must fail. I will lie in the bed I’ve made until I can figure out the next step–with absolutely no help from Corinne Maier and this ridiculous book.

It is only the most exposed who get fired. All you have to do to get by is pretend to be busy.


« Bonjour paresse » de Corinne Maier : Travailler moins pour vivre plus

Given the difficulty of firing employees, she says, frustrated superiors are more likely to move such subversive workers maiwr than out. Lesquels n’auront que leur bulletin de vote pour s’exprimer. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Langfristig aber trage sie dazu bei, das marode System zu ruinieren.

But while Maier may think that merely stating the fact that business communications tend to be written largely in bureaucratic gobbledygook is enough to provoke laughter, it’s just not so.

The book is a counterpoint to efforts by the country’s center-right government to repair the damage done to French work habits by decades of Socialist administration, which enacted a hour workweek.

Although the author focus on the French boniour, this is a mindset shared by the majority of employees of the Western European countries, including Portugal.

Dans la vie faut pas en faire. At the end of July, however, Le Monde, the leading daily, unexpectedly devoted a front page article to EDF’s disciplinary action against the book’s author. Hierarchies have dissolved and almost everyone jostles to be a “project manager”; secretaries have disappeared and now executives generate and deal with their own supremely pointless paperwork, those growing mountains of “mission statements”. But there is another reason why I stay in my company: Es sind keine klugen Augen, snodern nur billige Polemik die sich in diesem Buch wiederfinden.

Without the company’s maneuver, Ms.

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