La modulation minimum-shift keying (MSK) est un type de modulation numérique par . En télécommunications numériques, la Gaussian minimum shift keying ( GMSK) est une forme de modulation FSK à phase continue. Elle est similaire au . cours modulation gmsk pdf GMSK modulation is based on MSK, which is itself a form of continuousphase frequencyshift keying. One of the problems with. 2LABORATOIRE IXL, UNIVERSITE BORDEAUX 1,35 1 COURS DE LA LIBERATION, TALENCE, Most of time, GMSK modulation is produced with.

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Publications – Christophe LAOT

GB proposes a quality indicator calculated by determining the difference between a number of packets received correctly or alternatively a number of packages that the re-transmission is required and a number of packets transmitted. For coours, the transmitter may be in a bmsk station and the receiver 2 in the network.

Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption of a decoder in a communication system. Method and apparatus for providing high speed data communications in a cellular environment.

Entity according to claim 14, characterized in that said link is a downlink. System for transmitting high-rate value-added services in terrestrial broadcasting.

Different techniques for optimizing the performance of these systems can be used, such as including the following techniques: The receiver 2 comprises, in the example illustrated: Block error rate estimate reporting for target signal to interference ratio adjustment. For radio resources allocated data, gms, higher the coding rate, and courx bit rate information is high.

REF Ref document number: GB Ref legal event code: Automated tool method for frequency plan revision within a cellular telephone system.

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However, it is noted that the rate R 0 is only a reference flow and could be calculated differently ie excluding control information “MAC header” and “RLC header” In this case, conditions for radio data, this report will keep the same value regardless of the amount of allocated radio resources.

In addition, in the case where the quality evaluation is performed in the network, the quality assessment may be performed in one or the other constituent of such a network entities referred to herein as radio network entities mobilesuch as: A serious illness deprive himd of the ability to move about Pag. For example, the quality evaluation can be gmk in the base station controllers. Method according to modulayion of claims 3 and 4, characterized in that the number of bits of the transmitted blocks being a function of the modulation scheme used, the raw data rate is determined for a given modulation scheme corresponding to said modulation reference, what may be the modulation scheme used.


P nikitin pdf

The present invention therefore proposes to use a criterion related to the net debit. The number N i c depends on the modulation scheme applied in the i-th transmitted block.

The bit sequence transmitted in 20ms over the courd interface is called radio block. Multi-media broadcast and multicast service MBMS in a wireless communications system. There are also other cases where Cokrs is not a satisfactory criterion, especially when using the technique called incremental redundancy or “incremental redundancy” in English.

Instead of re-transmitting a block with always the same encoding nodulation, it is to re-transmit the block with a different encoding scheme to each time, and to jointly utilize the block successive retransmissions to reduce the likelihood not decode correctly. R net net rate is the rate obtained by deducting from the gross flow, all that is not useful for the user, as the redundancy introduced by the coding or non-correctly received blocks.

A method according vmsk claim 3, characterized in that the ratio between the net rate and the raw bit rate is obtained by calculating: This technique is a technique for re-transmission more elaborate and more efficient than that mentioned above.

More the spectral efficiency is high, and modulaton number is high. BLER is the rate of data blocks received incorrectly.

This technique therefore also as the technical link adaptation to increase the throughput, but as the BLER can then be much higher than in the case where this technique is not used, this criterion is not not the most relevant. According to another feature, said link is an uplink. More the spectral efficiency of modulation is high, and the higher the transmitted bit rate can be high.

AT Free format text: PT Free format text: Therefore, this new expression will be more appropriate when several modulation schemes are possible which is the case for the EGPRS system for example. For a description of these systems, reference may be made for example to document “GSM In order to have a more general expression that is valid even with a variable coding rate, a modulatioh possible expression of a quality indicator according to the invention is as follows: Method for improving the performance characteristics of a mobile radio communication system using gnsk power control algorithm.


Minimum-shift keying — Wikipédia

Algorithms such as for example, link adaptation algorithms or cell reselection is generally implemented in the network, the network can thus himself determine the BLER, for the downlink direction, without it being necessary that the mobile station defers to the network the value of BLER it determines.

This entity is in charge of the RLC layer, and therefore functions such as block re-transmissions, A radio block therefore contains one or two RLC blocks of data, and, additionally, control information. In the example illustrated, the means 7 are provided in cpurs receiver, but according to another example they could be provided in the transmitter.

The number of information bits that can be transmitted in an RLC data block depends on the encoding scheme used and also from the modulation used in the case of EGPRS system. A second possible expression of a quality indicator of the present invention is as follows: System and method for measuring channel quality information in a communication system.

A method according to claim 3, characterized in that the transmitted blocks or radio blocks, hmsk may include one or more blocks or data blocks, depending on the modulation scheme used, the ratio between the net rate and the raw bit rate is moulation by calculating: Data values Note that above for the number N c does not correspond exactly to the number of bits or coded bits considered earlier, that is to say not only include data, but also control information such as “MAC header”, “RLC header”

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