The story “Crazy Horse Dreams” revolves around a sort-of romance between Victor, a Native American man, and an unnamed Native American woman, who. Crazy Horse Dreams. The Only Traffic Signal on the Reservation Doesn’t Flash Red. Anymore. Amusements. This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona. The short story that I was assigned to comment on was “Crazy Horse Dreams” on pg. 37 of Sherman Alexie’s The Lone Ranger and Tonto.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Indeed, after understanding the implications of incorporating one cultural form of expression—that is, Native American verbal art—with a literary genre that has historically and contemporarily dominated and oppressed it, we can more thoroughly comprehend how Alexie simultaneously disentangles himself from what Owens calls a collaboration with a tool of colonization. These brothers represent the Indian brotherhood, which has become corrupted and shwrman its original cultural values due to assimilation, this is represented by the common White phrase: At six months old, he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, which required surgery.

After learning that his father has died in Phoenix, Arizona, Victor decides to retrieve his belongings and his ashes. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In “The First Annual All-Indian Horseshoe Rcazy and Barbecue,” the story is told in first person, but at the end, a series of questions are posed to the audience by the narrator, a device repeated in several stories: Certainly, the laexie suggests that Thomas Builds-the-Fire is NOT a valued conduit of tradition; as Victor explains to us, “Thomas was a storyteller that nobody wanted to listen to … Nobody talked to Thomas anymore because he told the same damn stories over and over again.

Even Alcoholics Anonymous, which the narrator joins, is built upon the act of storytelling, as members meet to tell stories about how alcohol has ruined their lives and how they are going to stop drinking and change their lives. Alexie is a prolific writer who also works hard at marketing his work; his recent projects include the novels Reservation Blueswhich received the Before Sherma Foundation: I assert, however, that besides easily dissecting Alexie’s story collection and recognizing textual indications of meaning and performance, and beyond identifying keys to performance which indicate how this text might register with people in Alexie’s folk group, I also contend that there is a kind of living dimension to the authored, printed word that cannot be summarily discounted unless we are unwilling to examine and enflesh our understanding of word power and a living tradition, and I argue for a more expansive notion of how folklore processes can be exchanged and represented.


The story ends with the two having a similar conversation about a talented young Indian girl named Lucy. Notify me of new comments via email. Refusing help, she rises. The following comments are organized by chapters: While authored by an individual writer, inked and seemingly fixed, it contains idiomatic and metonymic words, “old-time” stories, themes, and characters, as well as keys to performance, including special codes, figurative language, parallelism, special paralinguistic features, special formulae, and appeals to tradition.

Alexie refuses to extricate his art from its traditional and community context, and repeatedly claims his creative contribution and his tradition’s creative contribution are equitable.

He represents the reservation as a seedy and poverty-stricken place where despairing inhabitants spend their days drinking and playing basketball. In the allegorical and Kafka esque story “The Trial of Thomas Builds-the-Fire,” Alexie illustrates the absurdity of his tribe’s, and all Native Americans’, situation as Thomas is sent to jail for life for ctazy “murder” that occurred more than one hundred and forty years earlier. Reviewing the collection for Whole Earth Review shreman, Gramyo Tokuyama describes the book as “twenty-two masterfully crafted stories of the human potential to pull oneself up from dark humiliating circumstances.

Alexie’s stories illustrate the emotional complexities of living in a community torn apart by alcoholism, stripped of its larger social purpose, yet unwilling to assimilate the values alxeie purposes of a culture that has oppressed its people for centuries.

Alexie, who cites Adrian C. Winnebago, where they banter with one another and have sex.

Response to “Crazy Horse Dreams” by Sherman Alexie

She neither drinks nor smokes, is honest to a fault, is confident of her Indian identity, and acts as a caretaker for other Indians on the reservation, who respectfully call her “grandmother. The tribes had few avenues through which to challenge the government untilwhen the Indian Claims Commission was created to settle claims filed by Indian tribes against the United States.

The stories cleverly give indications of the feelings Indians have towards the abuse their cultural heritage has suffered from the White hegemony: The two retrieve Victor’s father’s ashes, a photo album, and his father’s pick-up truck. This book consists of several crayz stories that revolve around two main characters: He asserts that his writing is primarily autobiographical: Silko’s comment indicates the importance of tradition aleexie the writing of Alexie’s work, and she contextualizes his authored literature in relationship to oral tradition and composition, for, as Silko points out, the structure and chronology of Alexie’s book does not reflect standard components of Western literature, because Native American literature has traditionally taken a different shape which does not necessarily include features like Castro’s “plot and character.


Sherman Alexie – Crazy Horse Dreams by Story | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Can you hear the dreams putting on a good jacket that smells of fry bread and sweet smoke? We are also members of tribes. Isolation Love and Hatred. My discussion of Alexie’s work challenges the dogmatic and conservative insistence that, while a written, authored work can be considered a folklore text, it is not and cannot be called folklore. This essay shermann directed toward both scholars entrenched in the study of literary texts and to academic folklorists who insist on conventional and conservative parameters for what constitutes folklore.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven

Victor recounts that his father’s love of Hendrix played a role in the breakup of his parents’ marriage, as did his alcoholism and desire to be alone. This collection is narrated from multiple points of view dreasm replicates traditional pan-Indian myths such as trickster and metamorphosis tales, in addition to many other “old-time” themes and motifs.

I think, however, that Alexie’s own work is important because of its consumption by a variety of audiences, and I attribute the variety of response to his work to the confluence of traditions and multiple registers he taps in the creation of his art. By continuing sgerman use this website, you agree to their use. Which guides should we add? Seemingly insignificant events such as a few minutes of a sher,an school basketball game take on epic proportions each time Julius’s story is retold.

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