Find great deals on eBay for Creative Xmod in Desktop External Sound Cards. Shop with confidence. The Good Creative’s Xmod enhances compressed audio by effectively converting it to bit audio; attractive and easy-to-use hardware;. Creative’s Xmod is an interesting little product that manages to bring Creative’s patented X-Fi sound processor into a portable form factor.

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Creative has lifted the X-Fi features related to music from its SoundBlaster cards and packed them into the Xmod. Gigantic-screen phone for a gigantic price.

Basically, the device takes source audio and, in real time, applies Creative’s X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity technology to the audio, and the results are pretty substantial. And it turns your plain ordinary headphones into a virtual 5.

It wasn’t exactly like being in a theater and xmpd feeling the sound effects with your whole body, but it took the sound experience up to a whole new level of listening. Music definitely sounds more vibrant and has more energy to it. You hook up a pair of earphones or speakers to experience the effects. Galaxy S9 brings Samsung two steps forward, one step back. The whole unit is smaller than a deck of cards and is extremely lightweight.

The Xmod can analyze a stereo sound signal in real time and expand the sound field in a fairly pleasing manner. Its use is certainly questionable for high-quality devices. While the audio does have a slightly manufactured sound to it, it’s nonetheless impressive. Sound is less hollow or tubular than some surround DSP effects I’ve heard, though it isn’t ideal for all content. The creaitve is more noticeable with side surrounds left, right, left rear and right rear.


Adjustments are made using the large silver knob in the centre of the unit; allowing you to control the intensity of the effects and volume. The design feels a little flimsy for a portable device, but as long as you take care not to be too rough it should survive most journeys.

It does this by taking certain frequencies at extreme ends of the spectrum and fills in sounds that it calculates are missing. It has three controls; a large silver volume knob and two switches for CMS-3D and Crystaliser respectively. The idea is that this xkod have a big impact on compressed music such as MP3s, although Creative also claims it will make your CDs sound better than standard CD quality.

I remind you that according to the manufacturer, the key advantage of X-Fi cards is support for these two technologies: Compressing tracks to MP3 leads to a loss of quality, with sound sort of mashing together.

Creative Xmod

Added Features or Enhancements: Don’t show this again. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to use it or not. How To Receive Warranty Service. Dynamic range and frequency response reveal the conversion. Continue to next page 01 CNET may get a commission from these offers. This worked great with compressed, clean audio, like the compressed WMA signal from my Zune. The device has the following jacks: To be completely fair however, Creative makes no explicit promotion of this capability anywhere on the packaging, so it’s unlikely to be a major selling point anyway.

Xmod is an interesting accessory for a notebook, which can replace the integrated audio in convenience and audio quality. I know, you’re cringing to read that.


In creatie of low-quality speakers, accented high frequencies and lows combined with compressed dynamics may sound better to some users. The Xmod’s connectivity is understandably limited – it is a stereo, 2-channel unit after all.

Most people won’t notice it, but it may be enough to put off audiophiles.

Hands on with the Creative Xmod and the Mac

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. It would have been interesting for owners of sound cards to have an external device, similar to Xmod in functions, but using internal features of the PCI card. Connect your device to your computer. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in You simply adjust the effects level by rotating the knob. That’s because the physics of headphone playback seem to differ from the physics of speaker playback.

Pros Great sound quality, Crystaliser has a big impact, Portable design, Low cost. Noise level, dB A: Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.

Creative Worldwide Support > Creative Xmod

The Xmod is creaitve of Creative’s latest external audio product offerings, boasting support for the PC, Mac and standalone functionality, this little device is meant to sit between your audio source and your speakers, acting in real-time improving your audio output using the different tricks learned from developing those SoundBlaster boards for so many years.

One for headphones, one for speakers. Artificial Intelligence 44 votes.

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