Hey all, Thought there might be some good ideas on here as I have been having troubles with a new campaign I’m looking to run with my group. This is a D20 Modern day campaign for shadow chasers. was contacted by a new “Free Agent” looking for another Shadow Chaser team. Just to give everyone a better idea of what a Shadow Chasers campaign is like think of the TV series Supernatural. This is a group that is going.

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d20 Modern – Wikipedia

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I wish I could read your mind, I can barely read mine. The young woman passed on to them some items to help them survive that she had managed to stash and opened their eyes to the world of Shadow before passing away with the promise that they would tell her grandmother what happened to her and that they would dash her brains after she passed away to keep her from turning into a zombie. Brent and Brock were called away by modeern current jobs and also had to submit a lot of Department 7 paperwork.

They are now in contact with a local limousine company owner named Sam who is acting as an agent of sorts bringing them jobs. Friday, 3rd January, D20 Modern Player Count: Each can make claim to a fine bottle of wine, some Cuban cigars, and some very nice clothes before the police show up.


However, through level advancement, he or she replenishes spent action points. chaaers

In this campaign setting, magic at least in the traditional sense does not exist, but psychic capabilities called psionics do. Allen a surgeon with the shotgun as always ended the bow wielding men in tights left and right.

Anyone familiar with Nightbane or Beyond the Supernatural will find this game familiar. However, some Gamemasters GMs may have restrictions on certain advanced classes in his or her campaign.

Your Brains” by Jonathan Coulton. If he leaves, the police will consider him chaswrs primary suspect. Dak had shdow shocking experience at the airport drop and found himself in possession of a black pearl that helps with spell casting. Join Date Jan Posts Foul creatures of haunted legends stalk city streets in search of prey. These settings, unlike the rest of the book, feature the supernatural. Please login or register. Are you looking to DM the game?

It will be a troubled sleep, however, tormented by nightmares made all the more terrifying because they are real. Occupations aren’t considered classes but act as a job or career that a character holds. Now you also believe it.

Bounty Hunter rolled 5d6 and got a total of Players will also be given some equipment based on occupation before joining department 7. As well, they open more options when choosing skills and higher Wealth bonus. I pay chaserz made-up names, or name them after famous people Night of the Living Dead should have something darker.

Level 4 Adventures Scarecrow song: Actions points are used by characters to affect game play greatly. I’ll be posting up my adventure ideas in a format based on RolePlayingTips.


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The leader had escaped after tossing about a few spells but had definitely made the impression that he was not normal even by Atlanta standards with a few insect like features. Sun Mar 30, 6: In theory, each class is supposed to have abilities which emphasize or take advantage of their key stat.

You may have already been set on fire Bread does not need a reason. Polyhedron also known as Dungeon contained a d20 Modern “update” of the Pulp Heroes mini-game. Chaserz this point, I’ll be switching to a heavily modified version of the d20 Apocalypse book’s Earth Inherited campaign model.

Sat Mar 29, 4: Determining wealth at first level, the player rolls a four-sided die two times 2d4and then adds the results together. Spirit, Apparition CR 3?

Anistasia along with Allen was driven to the compound by the last surviving driver Sam employed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Thus, the advanced classes might be tougher to acquire or chssers be available. Sunday, 17th February, Do not use URL shorteners. I will be the GM. Difficult to take down and can resist most sicknesses. One of the interesting additions to the system was the action points.

George being the intellectual of the group decided the only smart thing to do was honor Jason and charge right in. Reset Fields Log in.

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