Cheap mouse pack, Buy Quality buttons buttons directly from China switch micro switch Suppliers: 5pcs/pack original Omron mouse micro switch D2FC-F-7N. At this point, plug in the mouse and test the switch. gently push on the The switches come in a variety of different designs, but they are fairly. Omron switches are the common by far used in mice, however the .. Atm I have a mice on my desk which uses two D2FC-F-7N(10M) for the.

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Test the switch again. The machine ones probably come assembled in trays or strips so the machine can feed them in quickly.

Omron D2FC-F-7N | eBay

If not, try to push on it in such a way that the problem happens. We’ll discuss retail switches first, as once you understand them, you can more easily understand the machine t. This is important if you play FPS and need to rapid fire.

Whereas many other mouse housings do not. The Himakes lasted me n7 many years though, so I have nothing bad to say about them. Wow, very informative and useful, thank you! Just another reason for gamers to consider dd2fc non -F. Thank you for your interest in this question. Delivery costs many times more than the items themselves, so I’d rather repair it. I’ll put a chart at the bottom showing what is using what that I know of and if others post I will try and add them.


Are these the same products differently labeled? That’s a chinese D2F-J01F: Or does the switch really bounce so hard that it bounces between both contacts when pressed?

The D2F01F should probably work. While this at first runs counter to Omron, if you remember when I said resting your finger on the button shortens the lifespan, it’s possible that the 20Ms are more easily damaged.

Omron D2FC-F-7N

So this mismatches the information you have given. Some SE sites don’t like that so I posted my solution as an answer. Actually, I meant to say digital caliper. Nothing beats taking it apart and physically cleaning the contacts. Mon, 06 February In our situation, it doesn’t matter much and given time and corrosion tarnishthe gold will maintain it’s level of resistance better.

Definitive Omron Switch Guide for Mice

I’m in the 01F camp because it is the Japan switch with the Thin-est spring. JohnU yup, it’s a razer mouse.

A quick Google search turned up nothing. Better to err on the side of caution.

The switches by Omron are all designated D2F, from there it gets a bit more complex. Omron uses two naming methods.

The right click doesn’t care about double clicks. How do I fix an Omron d2fc-f-7n microswitch from unwanted clicks? Yes, there are others that can be used. Something I’ve personally noticed regarding lifespan, I have found that s2fc least in my case, that 20M switches are not as durable as 10M switches. Tear off a thin 5mm wide strip of J-Cloth or similar.


It may be possible to repair them. Thrilla, Manila, Philippines Bob was n7. Japanese models have much nicer internals, better tolerances, better metals,a stronger frame and are better sealed from dirt and moisture. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? This is some great reading material, thanks for gathering df2c all up.

Omron pdf – https: AFAIK there is a flexible metal plate that wears out due to metal fatigue, so there must be a way to prolong its life.

Delivery costs many times more than the items themselves Even from eBay? If the mouse button rests on the switch button or your finger causes it to, then the lifespan will be shortened.

D2gc these things are LOUD. Hard to say, but so far I have not been impressed with 20s.

5pcs/pack original Omron mouse micro switch D2FC-F-7N 20M mouse button 20 million tiimes lifetime

As far as I understood your writing the machine versions are only for component placement systems while the others are for the “retail market” so to say. This took hours to compile, reading websites, pdf’s and more, it contains all you should need to know.

Thread it through the switch and pull it back and forth to rub away any dirt from the contacts. Wed, 01 March ,

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