Dancing Through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Method, and Politics in Feminist Literary Criticism: Annette Kolodny: “Dancing Through the. Annette Kolodny quotes. Quote:”Dancing through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Practice, and Politics of a Feminist Literary Criticism” . Dancing Through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Practice, and Politics of a Feminist Annette Kolodny – – Feminist Studies 14 (3)

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Notify me of new comments via email. These two latest books mark the culmination of a tne career that began with studies of the American frontiers and moved into breakthrough examinations of trans-Atlantic contacts between Europeans and Native Americans.

Repossessing Eden, —”, mibefield the attempts by women to create a familiar order in a still unfamiliar country. Dancing Through the Minefield: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Different chapters of the book correspond to different chronological eras after the discovery and colonization of the Americas and to different metaphorical mindsets as manifested in the writings of the authors considered.

Kolodny is also well known for two essays published in Reading classics of famous male writers does not let us to be close to them. The whole theory of Annette Kolodny is based on the differences between male and female thr of reading the codes of literature.

Through an examination of several male writers, such as Philip FreneauJames Fenimore Cooperand John James AudubonKolodny pursues the implications of this metaphorically female land. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Since the grounds upon which we assign aesthetic value to texts are never infallible, unchangeable, or universal, we must reexamine not only our aesthetics but, as well, the inherent biases and assumptions ghe the critical methods which in part shape our aesthetic responses.

Annette Kolodny

Our observation and evaluation of any work of art should depend on how we create or reshape our sense of the minefleld. Feminist Criticism Theory and Practice. Kolodny suggests that if we are going to establish canon functions, first of all we have to forget our own making. Literary history is a fiction.


Kolodny suggests that male writers will be good readers if they tried to read works written by women. Kolodny suggests that our understanding of the meaning of any text depend on our needs and desires as well as our predispositions. Therefore, this will move us to pleasure. The first section is titled “Book One: The Eighteenth Century”, discusses the romanticized agrarian and tnrough ideals that coloured the view of America, especially in its comparisons to ideal lands like Elysium and Arcadiaand the danccing that arose from such ideals, such as the exploitation and alteration of the land.

Of course, many more women authors have found their ways into the literary canon, and much more feminist literary criticism written by women scholars is being published, much is yet to be settled. While there can be no single ideology to which all feminist theories belong, Gardiner writes, there are some strong ideological concepts that define areas of feminism.

ENGL PAB#1: On Annette Kolodny, “Dancing through the Minefield” | A. Lorean Hartness

She insists, however, that she is not suggesting anything must go, simply that more women should be added. In her first book, The Lay of the LandKolodny explores the colonization of America, both in reality theough in the realm of metaphor.

This site uses cookies. Turning the Lens on “The Panther Captivity”: This page was last edited on 29 Augustat Milena Kostic – – Facta Universitatis 4 1: Insofar as we are taught how to readwhat we engage are not texts but paradigms. Because of our changed assumption, circumstances, and requirements, we get different meanings and different interpretations even if we read the same text different times.

ENGL 810: PAB#1: On Annette Kolodny, “Dancing through the Minefield”

She later sued the University of New Hampshire charging sex discrimination and anti-Semitism. The Twentieth Century”, deals with the increase of industrialization and the yearning both “to ,olodny to and to master the beautiful and bountiful femininity danccing the new continent.


She questions the basis for judging which works should remain in the canon, which should be added, and which removed. Both of these books relate to a subgenre of feminism called ecological feminism or ecofeminism, a social and political doctrine that posits a relationship between the subjugation of women and the destruction of nature.

Kolodny suggests that our evaluation and observation of any literary work should depend on how we create and reshape our sense of the past. This entry was posted on Tuesday, February 20th, at 7: This is a common criticism of second-wave feminism: Retrieved from ” https: November 6, at 5: As an example, literary history is a fiction which we recreate daily when we read it.

Gardiner, on the other hand, disagrees with Kolodny about the use of pluralism. Retrieved January 10, In other words, our history.

She outlines a number of changes which can be made to improve conditions and, realizing that any substantial minefidld will require equally substantial money, encourages government reinvestment in higher education. Norton and Company,p. Kolodny in her essay Dancing through the minefield: I chose this article by Kolodny because it marks a specific point in the history from which I can build in writing my essay.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I find it difficult to create a summary of this excerpt; I found so much that was enjoyable and noteworthy in it that I fear my summary may be longer than the excerpt itself.

Kolodny goes beyond the idea of the ideology that what happened to our. In other words, we have to forger our history.

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