Keep on the Shadowfell is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed for characters of levels It includes three double-sided poster maps suitable for use with D&D miniatures, [Collapse] Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition products edit. best), an adventure (such as Keep on the Shadowfell), and dice. D&D 4th Edition Final Development Strike Team. Mike Mearls and Bruce. Hello everyone. I’m planning to run a campaign using keep on the shadowfell. I have 4 PC and was wondering whether I would have to scale.

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On a side note, I really liked having 4 players, things went fast and everybody had adequate time in the spotlight. As I mentioned to you earlier, this is much less likely that in M: Each character comes with a short descriptive text that can act as a primer to a personality.

There’s also some maps and other discussion; be sure to read the thread at community. The adventure, written by Mike Mearls and Bruce R. Dragondown Grotto Red Hand of Doom. Warning, author has a poor view of 4e but his ideas are great.

Maybe the thought the risk of piracy was too high? All maps have monsters, traps and secret stuff covered up. In 4e, it will be a party against one creature per party member usually. Fair enough longcoat, though the Quick Start rule make a point of mentionning it once or twice.

How to Improvise Fantasy Buildings. If you change only one thing, update the monsters based on the latest monster design.

Keep on the Shadowfell – Wikipedia

Each PC must respond and then roll against a given skill there are several up until a certain number of successes are scored. This was also the first module I went through as oeep 4E player and we had one hell of a time with it.


And honestly, I had no idea it was considered “broken” before this question. If so, how did it seem they would play out?

The rest of the booklet presents five characters sheets that you can photocopy and play with. Thanks for the review…it gave some helpful info.

Chatty’s Review: D&D 4e’s Keep on the Shadowfell

In a May review for RPG. If you have trouble at first, you shaeowfell likely find a number of GMs online, such shasowfell Chatty and I, who would be more than willing to help a newbie GM remake some encounters. Wednesday, 27th February, In this adventure, encounters will be designed for 5-person parties. So you want to run Keep on the Shadowfell This thread is a master list of links to resources, advise and options for running Keep on the Shadowfell.

We get sent a lot of email, so we can’t promise we’ll be able to respond to everything. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: The booklets have nice covers and the interior is black type on white paper, separated by decorated section titles. It makes everything modular, shadowtell makes creating new powers easier it makes comparaison easier and allows easier hacking and tweaking.

Can you guess how many 3-hour game sessions the entire module will take? I shxdowfell you guys miss my point…. WotC is making the claim that it will bring the whole party into the mix on those social encounters.

If you feel compelled to continue on with the 4r of the published modules in the H-E series, there are some resources for you. Sign up using Facebook. All magical items too. Adventure Booklet This 80 page booklet starts with the introduction to the adventure. Any advice for a nooby DM with half a group?

You can only come up with so much descriptive stuff when it turns out that cool parry reverse spin thrust is a 4 i try to make it make descriptive sense when we play, it is just us two. Chatty — 4e will NOT be unplayable without minis. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities.


You let me know; which floor would you like? Instead of telling you that X NPC is surly or Y location is gloomy, the DM is encouraged to make them up as they see fit and to pick up on mundane interaction to build up a side-story.

So let’s get to giving you the useful materials. Understand the adventure was the first for 4e, so its primary purpose was teaching the 4e ruleset. I don’t know if our DM increased the encounter difficulty to accommodate or not.

I mean something free like asmor’s. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the shadowfe,l is subject to these policies. I wouldn’t recommend it in general, but system mastery is always a good thing to have.

The magic items offered in keep are pre-PHB. Kobold raiders are menacing the Nentir Vale village of Winterhaven. Pages using deprecated image syntax. This unleashes an army of undead upon the unsuspecting region. We really okay with this. I discourage you from running it without any changes – it has shadoefell to many total party kills TPKs of groups, the adventure itself has too many fights, and the story is lackluster at best.

Cordell and Mike Mearls and was first published in May After 13 years of MTG evolution, this type of writing rules is great…. The combat system was bad ass.

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