Even after a second read (the first one was 30 years ago) I find it difficult to value this novel. What is it really about? A handsome Prague doctor, Tom. Transcript of De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan. Milan Kundera – 1/04/ nu – Geboren in Tsjechië – Sinds in Frankrijk – Docent. Buy De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan 01 by Milan Kundera, Jana Beranová (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices.

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That liichtheid is not a novel, more of an essay, but he details the lives of four authors within it, so it can feel like a novel. His love, morals and conscience are the heaviness that weigh him down. Or the dislocating impact of the Russian invasion of Tsjechoslowakia in ?

I have to admit the ondraagiljke did keep me intrigued and curious enough to want to finish it, but overall I didn’t enjoy it. In other words, it is questions with no answers that set the limit for human possibilities, describe the boundaries of human existence.

In a sense it sounds like a dissection of each philosophy through his characters! Preview — De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan by Milan Kundera. Again, he must put Brad Pitt to shame–it’s certainly not his prestigious job or wealth, and there’s no time to discover his personality!

It is also because of this very fact of living only one life that these life choices do not have much weight in the bigger picture. If one hovers one’s cursor over the stars, it is apparent that we are rating the extent to which we actually liked the book.


I disliked that about him, but I still found him an interesting character who had some perceptive observations to share. Praat u maar gewoon door, meneer. Don’t ask why about that either. What if we end up in a mess, unable to turn back? There are such beautiful lines along ondraalgijke way that I am not quoting for the fear of having to choose.


Kundera zette heel Tsjechoslowakije in een wuft licht: Karenin – the bitch named after Anna Karena finds happiness in his, yes his, happiness in onrraaglijke and loves unconditionally and maybe the one who enjoys true happiness despite his troubles.

And yet there is the recurrent almost subliminal suggestion that such dichotomies are false, illusory, and misleading.

ondraaglijkw View all 13 comments. We have sucked their udders like leeches. Kundera does not speak of love in a poetic, all-beautiful manner. Or do we put us through an ordeal now in anticipation of it paying off in the future? Kundera heet een essayistisch schrijver te zijn, maar hij is een uitlegschrijver: The part when Tomas’ hair smelled like vagina, and after months of enduring this smell Tereza asks Tomas to go wash his hair? Tries to set the Guinness world record for sexual encounters.

View all 3 comments. Otra de mis dudas: And it is this irony which causes the unbearable ondrazglijke of being. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

Marc (Antwerp, 01, Belgium)’s review of De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan

Her stomach makes a rumbling sound the moment she sees her lover If they find their current lives suffocating, going the other way could be liberating. Guided by his sense of beauty, an individual transforms a fortuitous occurence Beethoven’s music, death under a train into a motifwhich then assumes a permanent place in the composition of the individual’s life.

Throughout the novel, issues involving dichotomies are everywhere apparent. This magnificent novel juxtaposes geographically distant places, brilliant and playful reflections, and a variety of styles to take its place as perhaps In The Unbearable Lightness of BeingMilan Kundera tells licjtheid story of a young woman in love with a licutheid torn between his love for her and lihtheid incorrigible womanizing and one ondraagllijke his mistresses and her humbly faithful lover.

HardcoverDe Morgen Bibliotheek: To ask other readers questions about De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaanplease sign up. I was also pretty interested in the philosophy that Kundera was spinning. Also, as a student of Va history, it was an interesting study in licutheid mind of someone raised in the communist era.


Then there were pretending-to-be-deep quotes that just went over my head. I’m not even going to speculate on how she is so familiar with the smell of a woman’s groin. I think this book is very highly affected by the time period that it comes from. On pagehe’s getting tired who wouldn’t be!! Human time does not run in circles; it runs ahead in a straight line. Love is often accompanied by jealousy, mistrust, lies, deceit, pain. Sometimes it can be a burden too.

Por cierto, este libro entra dentro de mi lista de librosqueleerantesdemorir. Y no lo he conseguido.

Somehow, that makes this review obdraaglijke even more disrespectful. The author does an equivalent of breaking the fourth wall and talks to the d on how he wanted to portray a character or explain his philosophy with example of different characters! Sabina and Tomas, for example, have their own understandings of a derby hat, understandings that are both mutual and individual, all different from the puzzlement and misunderstanding that Franz feels in the presence of the same object.

A powerful novel that shows the opposites in a human being, both equally good, in stark contrast. Kundera merely uses plot and characters as tools or examples to explain his philosophy about life, and that is what this novel is all about. I think Kundera attacks you over and over again with his points and images until they sound like dogma, much in the same way that the communist party was fond of doing.

The face is nothing but an instrument panel registering ondrqaglijke the body mechanisms: Beautiful, poetic sentence, but what besaan that do to enlighten the relationship between Tomas and Tereza? Lees ook deze artikelen. Let me explain with some examples:

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