Sources: Dealogic; Preqin . Bain Capital filed for an IPO in June, but then Symantec agreed to buy Blue Coat for $ billion after seeing value in combining. warehouses that can stock product and deliver directly to consumers. .. Source: Dealogic as of January M&A Deal Transportation Statistics. Jan on the global stock markets as well as profitable Source: Capital IQ, Thomson , Dealogic, Merger Market, press research, Lazard, Roland Berger. Strategy &.

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They will be less of a trading house for some time, alright and their fixed income always sucked. Best Modeling Courses – Finance Training. It also gives a eealogic description of the timeline of the credit crisis. As we’ve previously reported, the bank has also scaled back its mergers and acquisitions team.

IBnutz – have you heard anything about the incoming 1st year analysts? John Cryan, finance director, was cautious, dewlogic I had a great experience and will be going to start my career there.

Check out the “Shareholder Report on Subprime Losses” – absolutely the most disclosure you will find anywhere on how all aspects of the business have been negatively impacted, and a good primer on how a bank actually operates for college students who want to get in to the business. Not in a banking context, but just in any situation. What would be the implications of that scenario? Do I think they’ll start revoking offers?

If they don’t announce anything rash, which I don’t think they will, the dfalogic you are referring to – rainmakers leaving etc. I just saw this new article on Bloomberg claiming that UBS will sell their investment bank in years.

UBS ready to take axe to investment bank Originally Posted: To minimize interview error. But I’m pretty certain that they’ll massacare their prop desks – especially FI. But it is obvious that it needs to shed non-performing areas such filstype its decimated Houston energy practice You plan to keep investment banking, yet you slash statitics bonus pool so much that any MD worth a damn will get the hell out as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

  AR 40-660 PDF

This down market, like all others, will pass.

Seminole County Florida

You guys are idiots Back then, it targeted to bring down the unit’s staff levels to 16, within five years. And you should be worried even if your offer is honored. After hearing the writedown news, the certainty of deep job-cuts and now the new activist campaign launched by Olivant, I was wondering if some of the stwtistics people on the forum think that FT08 analysts should be worried? As ex-banker has pointed out, there are campus relations, student relations, general reputation and even self-image factors that mitigate the willingness of firms to take such an extreme measure.

Ok yeah that’s what I figured I think the spinning off of the IB division is unlikely given the market turmoil, however I certainly agree that there will be drastic cost cutting measures taking place in the coming quarters. In most instances they increase the amount of work you have to do rather than reduce it, because they’re new and as a result slow and prone to error.

For instance in this article http: This means you’ll have no one in between you and very senior guys; meaning you’ll have heaps of work to do, no one to check it and so forth. Salaries for the company’s investment bankers have been low on an industry-wide basis during recent years.

Private Equity Interview Questions. Someone responded that this analyst should have a great story for applying to b-school. Dec 22, – 3: I wouldn’t be surprised to see more banks paring back services like this.

Seminole County Florida

I also want to own Goldman Sachs, but nobody has knocked on my door yet Exactly the opposite, right? This way, if you are working only hours, you can be excited for how easy it is.

The move will prompt the loss of several thousand jobs in the investment bank and in support functions across the group, people close to the situation said. No one cares about these types of articles. The real issue is how we work together collectively under the one-firm model. Are people leaving now and do analysts have good exit ops? Why are they getting killed so bad on the IBD side of things so much worse than everyone else – are people just no longer giving them deals?


Could you elaborate a bit more about looking for the “ground truth”? UBS admitted that it had incurred personnel costs of Sfr5.

The other problem with a lot of this thinking is that even if you decide that it is worth acting to move elsewhere to head-off the possibility of getting laid off in a year, I imagine that would be very difficult to do statlstics now? And I recall earlier that you said more SAs at other banks may be let go?

If things get worse, all bets are off. The long term question is more relevant, in my opinion, for private equity and hedge funds, which have sprouted like wildfire in the light of easy debt markets.

Keep your interview skills sharp, your resume up to date, and enjoy the short time you have left in college – there isn’t much more you can do now anyway. Dec 22, – UBS is planning further drastic cutbacks in its struggling investment bank as Switzerland’s largest bank by assets accelerates a retreat to its more profitable wealth management business.

Oswald Grubel, the chief executive of UBS, who was pulled out of retirement to tackle the bank’s problems, said: It’s not finished yet but its on its last legs. Does anything happen there anymore? I though you were bullshitting. I guess that people will slowly turn in their notices over the next few weeks. As a potential incoming analyst, I am happy to take on the risk that you do well in good times, and you run the eternal risk of being laid off in bad times.

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