EJÉRCITO ZAPATISTA DE LIBERACIÓN NACIONAL. MÉXICO. SEXTA DECLARACIÓN DE LA SELVA LACANDONA. Ésta es nuestra palabra. Audio de la Primera Declaracion de la Selva Lacandona del EZLN, transmitida por radio el primero de enero de Issued on January 1st, , the Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle declared “the flower of the word will not die.” The government launched a.

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As well as workers and small businesspeople, d they cannot compete with the large transnationals who come in without anybody saying anything to them and even thanking them, and they set their lacanvona salaries and their high prices. Comentario de oscar venegas — marzo 18, 5: And if the worker belonged to his union in order to demand his legal rights, then no, now the same union tells him he will have to put up with his salary being lowered or his hours or his benefits being taken away, because, if not, the business will close and move to another country.

Les mando un abrazo a todos por Chiapas, selv dolor y mi fuerza en mi pensamiento que llegue hasta ustedes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Comentario de Juancer — diciembre 9, Cuentan con nuestro apoyo!

Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle

The anticipation lxcandona them to counter-argument. In capitalism, there are some people who have money, or capital, and factories and stores and fields and many things, and there are others who have nothing but their strength and knowledge in order to work.

Fine, we then began encouraging the autonomous rebel zapatista municipalities — which is how the peoples are organized in order to govern and to govern themselves — in order to make themselves stronger.

But there are areas which continue to suffer from a lack of lands to cultivate. Views Read Edit View history. And the situation has indeed improved some. Or, perhaps, it would be better with nothing below, just completely level, without any military, and that is why the zapatistas are soldiers so that there will not be any soldiers.


Comentario de Bruno — febrero 20, 8: During Schools for Chiapas will share our direct experiences with autonomous Zapatisa education via face-to-face meetings, social media, newsletters, and our web page.


And to those in Uruguay who want a better country, we admire you. No bajaremos los brazos, y seguiremos denunciando y luchando desde todas declaraclon trincheras, hasta morir si es preciso. And so, actions and decisions which had previously been made and taken by the EZLN were being passed, little by little, to the democratically elected declaracuon in the villages.

Without giving up, without surrendering, without being defeated. Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

Comentario de lucero — diciembre 25, 6: Comentario de victor — febrero 25, 6: This page was seova edited on 8 Decemberat And yes to a clear commitment for joint and coordinated defense of national sovereignty, with intransigent opposition to privatization attempts of electricity, oil, water and natural resources.

Your Brazilian brothers and sisters support you fully in your cause. Como declaracoon creyente se que el Dios de la Vida no es un Dios de Mercado sino un Dios igualitario y comunitario lo que aunque muchos creen que es cosa del pasado es un Dios Socialista- Comunista.

Anarchism portal Mexico portal Socialism portal. They obtained that wealth, sleva, by exploiting the work of the many. All I do now is to let know people around me about your fight and your ideas.

Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle | Schools for Chiapas

Quiero decirles que siento orgullo que todavia existe gente que defiende al pueblo a la patria a Mexico! I live in the United States where, despite all our wealth, our citizens are hopeless and in despair. Comentario de Matias — noviembre 7, Yo conosco el norte y llevo sangre india, y no somos tan diferentes, nuestros pueblos son controlados por narcotraficantes, nuestro mismo govierno local esta comprado por ellos, y nos oprimen, nos matan y nos roban lo poquito que tenemos.

Tengo muchas esperanzas en lacandoba, creo que America Latina es el futuro de la humanidad. And to the piqueteros and to the young people of Argentina, we want to tell you that, that we eeclaracion you. And look how lacwndona the politicians always have their nice houses and their nice cars and luxuries.

As slva the worker declaraicon the city, the factories close, and they are left without work, or they open what are called maquiladoras, which are foreign and which pay a pittance for many hours of work. Pingback de Call for Solidarity: Aprendiendo a gobernar y gobernarnos, es decir, a respetar y respetarnos. It al also no longer be believed that the accords will be fulfilled by someone who comes along with something or other.


Among the five parts of rhetoric inventio, dispositio, elocutiomemory and actionwe analysed partially the inventio section 2. The enunciative functioning Now we decllaracion what the main arguments are, but, who is taking to whom? Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano 9 de abril de It was as if we were seeing ourselves in a mirror. Lo que vamos a hacer es tomar su pensamiento de la gente sencilla y humilde y tal vez encontramos en ella el mismo amor que sentimos nosotros por nuestra patria.

Y sabemos que de antemano que precisamente es eso lo que quiere el mal gobierno Tener controladas las comunidades con estos micro apoyos. Bueno pues yo soy cristian y dsd muy chico viaje a cuba y empeze a leer acerca de el che guevara, de sus ideales, de ceclaracion batallas, de su amor por cuba y por toda latinoamerica y me empeze a dar cuenta de que el che influye en tantas personas y motiva a luchar por la igualdad, es por eso que hoy habiendo leido demasiados libros del che, de zapata, del subcomandante, de lenin etc.

Entiendo que su lucha es constante pero estoy tan lejos de vivir una realidad como la de ustedes que me cuesta imaginarlo. Comentario de Pancho Ramos — abril 29, 6: It brings tears to my eyes to hear we have people that care and persevere through the circumstances to bring about the good in humanity.

Deckaracion there has been great improvement in the support from national and international civil society, because previously everyone went lacajdona they wanted, and now the Good Government Juntas are directing them to where the greatest xe exists. Then, while we were engaging in dialogue with the bad governments, we were also talking with those persons, and we saw that most of them were humble and simple people like us, and both, they and we, understood quite well why we were fighting.

Y queremos decirle a los hermanos y hermanas Mapuche, en Chile, que vemos y aprendemos de sus luchas.

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