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Wo find’ ich Trost Bei einer Trauung Feuerreiter, wie so kuehle Reitest du in deinem Grab!

Rest you well, Rest you well Down there in the mill! Through smoke and stuffy air On his way, now reaches the spot! Down in ashes it falls.

Denk’ es, o Seele! Villagers and wagons in a flurry Head for home, away from horror; Even the bell’s clang is fading.

Verborgenheit Heft Feurereiter Edition Peters Neue Musik-Zeitung, No. He gallops stark mad Through the gate, the Fire Rider, On the scrawny-ribbed horse Like on a fireman’s ladder! Lied eines Verliebten Behind the hill, Behind the hill There’s a fire at the mill! Lied vom Winde Naxos Javascript not enabled.


Der Feuerreiter | Oxford Lieder

Auf eine Christblume I Javascript is required for this feature. Drueben schallt es fort und fort: Auf ein altes Bild Julia von BoseEnglish text. It lasted but an hour The mill collapsed in rubble; The brash horseman though Was never seen again.

Behind the hill, Behind the hill There’s fire in the mill! He who so often sniffed The red hen from miles around, With the holy cross’s beam Blaspheming addressed the fire— Woe! It comes as no surprise that Moerike would feuerrriter the element Fire for what became his most famous ballad. Arrangements and Transcriptions Selections Nos.

Arranger Max Reger The fire bell clanging: Der Genesene an die Hoffnung 2. Und auf einmal welch Gewuehle Bei der Bruecke, nach dem Feld!

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Frage und Antwort Fire Rider, with what calmness You ride in your grave! Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial 3. Ruhe wohl, Ruhe fsuerreiter Drunten in der Muehle! From the timber frame The fiend grins at you in hell’s red glow. Rat einer Alten Over there the bell keeps clanging:


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