Finding inspiration in classic fairy tales, Marrone (Revealers) crafts a creepy and thoroughly captivating story of love and jealousy. Megan takes. Read Devoured by Amanda Marrone by Amanda Marrone by Amanda Marrone for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and. Devoured by Amanda Marrone – Chapter 1. More books from this author: Amanda Marrone. Master of Mirrors. The Shape-Shifter. Slayed. The Multiplying.

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I’d recommend this one for hardcore mmarrone of retellings only. Megan has been haunted by the ghost of her twin sister, Remy, since the accident nine years ago. It was something I wasnt expecting and I am so glad the plot took a twist like that.

Aug 06, Anne rated martone liked it Shelves: Mirrors have never been kind of Maggie, especially the one in Mr. I really enjoyed the ending and while things were a little predictable it’s a retelling and I was expecting that. I didn’t marrnoe Megan though. Megan has a little problem Mill – LibraryThing I couldn’t sleep last night so I decided to start reading this book and it’s a good thing I couldn’t sleep because I didn’t want to put it down. I liked the mystery that it mmarrone, it kept you really intrigued in the beginning.

Megan meets the owners of the amusement park, Mr. Just the fact that Megan gets a job with her boyfriend because she amandx trust him doesn’t make her a very likable character. Each I don’t know why I thought this was a vampire book, vy I am very glad it wasn’t. Usually it takes me less then a week to read a book that I’m really into. There is some parts are, honestly, a little freaky and other that are shocking and other that are.

To add to Megan’s issues she also gets a job at The Land of Enchantment, a local fairy tale themed amusement park to keep an eye on her boyfriend Ryan and his best friend who has professed her undying love to him Sammy.

Megan meets the park owner’s daughter and forms an unstable friendship with her. I’ll admit that this was a little strange at first, but once I got into it, I couldn’t put it down!


Megan’s life is now spiraling out of control with a boyfriend who has an unusual attachment to his best friend who is a girl, Luke who Nine years ago, Megan lost her twin Remy in a terrible car accident. The back of the book cover has a pretty picture of an apple as well. He is a beautiful painter with a traumatic past as well, which pushes him to want to help others, even if he isn’t fond of the gifts he has inherited from his grandmother.

The boy she meet at her job can also see ghosts so she goes to his house and tries to find out what will help Remy move on. Granted she was annoying at some points but not overbearing. But when she takes a summer job at Land of Enchantment to keep an eye on her new boyfriend and his lovesick best friend, Samantha, she meets fellow employee Luke who can see Remy, too.

School Library Journal Review: Megan’s life is now spiraling out of control with a boyfriend who has an unusual attachment to his best friend who is a girl, Luke who she has feelings for that are not those as a friend, and Ari who likes Luke getting venomous everytime Megan talks to Luke, not to mention that Remy is trying to warn Megan away as her life is in danger.

Published September 22nd by Simon Pulse first published September 12th Master of Mirrors March That one moment has flipping her life upside down, mostly because her sister’s ghost seems to follow her everywhere, but things take on a bizarre turn when her new summer job at the Land of Enchantment stirs the ghost crazy and makes Megan unsure if it’s as safe as it seems. Read more about Amanda Marrone here: On her first day there, Remy comes and gives Megan a horrifying vision.

Remy died and her father is in a coma and ten years later Megan is still seeing Remy’s ghost, and lately she’s getting more and more violent and Remy’s visits are getting harder and harder to stop. I didn’t really like any of the love interests, they played their rolls in the plot but I would have been perfectly fine with a mass murder that took them all out.

For the most part she can ignore Remy, but the job she’s taken at the nearby theme park, Enchanted Land a thinly disguised Disney subsitutehas Remy in a frenzy. How can I say this, to me it seems that the author was confused between two main plots and that instead of choosing, she just did a mash up of them.


Her mother has totally withdrawn from her, choosing instead to throw herself into the world of competitive dance Set up a giveaway.

The description of the book sounds so much like a paranormal romance love triangle type thing, but really it’s more of a murder mystery and I think that is what really keeps the plot going. Remy, in my opinion, was a good character to have bt the story as she became important in the entire p I really enjoyed this book!

It gave me chills in some parts and butterflies in others. I liked how she really held it together through out these years. Nine years ago, Megan lost her twin Remy in a terrible car accident.

Devoured – Amanda Marrone – Google Books

Megan learns more about Remy, and what she’s trying to tell her. The main character, Megan Sones, lost her sister, Remy, in a car accident that also put her father in a coma 10 years ago. The ending was a little bit abrupt, but by no means did it affect the story. I know some people will like it.

I loved the ghost element but could have gone without the love interests. Megan’s not even worried about the fact mardone Luke’s supercute and nice, because of course she’s totally into her boyfriend even though he’s been spending way too much time with another girl. Some of her choices aren’t the greatest, but hey i guess she is human and makes mistake.

This review was so suckkkkyyyyyy!

Books by their Story: Devoured by Amanda Marrone

Luke was of the typical love interest fare. The plot is fast-paced and full of suspense, qmanda readers right from the start—the book will be devoured by fans of the supernatural. I don’t know why I thought this was a vampire book, but I am very glad it wasn’t.

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