This is an important contribution, adding to the understanding of bone remodeling, which is not just relevant to arthritis but also to degenerative bone changes. Degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases lead to a destruction of the joint architecture. Whereas degenerative osteoarthritis results in the formation of new . Figure 3 New bone formation next to inflamed joints is increased upon blockade of DKK (a) Microphotographs of toluidine blue–stained joint sections of, ”from.

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The increased mobility of RA FLSs has also been shown to significantly aggravate this inflammation and bone destruction [ 2—52829 ].

Orf virus infection of human keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts: Dkk-1 inhibits intestinal epithelial cell migration by attenuating directional polarization of leading edge cells. Efficient delivery of small interfering RNA to bone-metastatic tumors by using atelocollagen in vivo. Melissa M MatzelleMaxime A. This regilator form currently does not support special characters.

Figure 3 from Dickkopf-1 is a master regulator of joint remodeling – Semantic Scholar

The molecular basis of these different patterns of joint disease is unknown. Conflicting results regarding the role of DKK-1 in cell migration have been described in different cell types, including hepatocellular carcinoma cells [ 13 ], intestinal epithelial cells [ 14 ], HEK cells [ 15 ] and thyroid cancer cells [ 16 ]. Hypoxia upregulates angiogenesis and synovial cell migration in rheumatoid arthritis.

Showing of 34 references. Moreover, the distances between the migration fronts of control and SPtreated RA FLSs were also significantly different at 6, 24 and 48 h. Integrins are cell surface adhesion receptors that link the cell surface to the extracellular matrix ECM or to other cells.


A rate-limiting role for Dickkopf-1 in bone formation and the remediation of bone loss in mouse and primate models of postmenopausal osteoporosis by an experimental therapeutic antibody. Synovial DKK1 expression is regulated by local glucocorticoid metabolism in inflammatory arthritis R.

Integrins, which comprise a family of heterodimeric transmembrane proteins that link to ECM proteins such as fibronectin, vitronectin and laminin, regulate both cell migration and tissue remodelling [ 30 ]. They were all female patients and provided written informed consent. Neither of the above.

Dickkopf-1 is a master regulator of joint remodeling.

Gravallese Calcified Tissue International mater F reserves the right to remove any comments that it considers in its absolute discretion to be inappropriate, offensive or otherwise in breach of the Terms and Conditions relating to Materials including Comments. In addition, focal adhesion kinase FAK is an integrin-associated protein tyrosine kinase that enhances cell migration, proliferation and survival [ 19 ]. Scale bars, 40 mm left image and mm.

Recommendations Abstract Comments You remodeoing reached your article limit. Gravallese Immunological reviews Osteophyte tumor necrosis Neurodegenerative Disorders Bone Resorption. He Therapeutic advances in musculoskeletal disease F does not claim any ownership in the Material that you or any other user posts. This indicates that integrins may be closely linked to the migration, proliferation and invasion remodfling synoviocytes [ 18 ].

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Dickkopf-1 is a master regulator of joint remodeling.

The binding of integrins to ECM proteins activates diverse non-receptor protein tyrosine dickkpf-1 signalling pathways, including the FAK, c-Src and Syk pathways. As shown in Fig. Please disclose any competing interests that might be construed to influence your judgment of the validity or importance of the article, or any recommendation or review.


These receptors are also known to regulate cell migration and invasion.

Binding of paxillin to alpha4 integrins modifies integrin-dependent biological responses. Role of pactivated kinase 1 in regulating the migration and invasion of fibroblast-like synoviocytes from rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Dickkopf-1 is a master regulator of joint remodeling

Migrating cells were constructed by scratching with a pipette tip, whereas stationary cells were not iis by scratching. He Therapeutic advances in musculoskeletal disease Deletion of a single allele of the Dkk1 gene leads to an increase in bone formation and bone mass.

Wnt signaling in bone formation and its therapeutic potential for bone diseases. Related articles in PubMed Signal transmission at invaginating cone photoreceptor synaptic contacts following deletion of joimt presynaptic cytomatrix protein Bassoon in mouse retina.

IL induces remodellng migration in rheumatoid arthritis and is a target of anti-TNF therapy. Sign In or Create an Account. Statistical analysis for the difference in each condition was performed using a non-parametric Rwmodeling U test between two groups. Topics Discussed in This Paper. Primary antibodies used in the immunoblotting assay were as follows: Classified as close New Finding 4. We identified tumor necrosis factor-alpha TNF as a key inducer of DKK-1 in the mouse inflammatory arthritis model and in human rheumatoid arthritis.

Synovial DKK1 expression is regulated by local glucocorticoid metabolism in inflammatory arthritis.

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