Die Weiße Rose by Inge Scholl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Die Weisse Rose by Inge Scholl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A detailed biography of Inge Scholl that includes includes images, quotations and the main facts In June the White Rose group began producing leaflets.

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Then it moves on the the actual leaflets.

I wonder if I could do wesse they did for my country. In a very real sense Ros White Rose was not defeated by the murders of Hans and Sophie Scholl–but it will be defeated if people forget. Many have suggested a dark shadow has fallen over our world recently. When one remembers the purpose of the collection, it becomes easier to understand why Inge Scholl did not speculate as often. She notes and supplies evidence that they weren’t just idealistic, and in fact were realistic in the notion that only armed resistance defeat could restore Germany to per-war days.

Inge Scholl

I found the court documents to sdholl shocking and they gave a clear picture of the madness of the Nazi court system and people who are frantically trying to hold onto power and ideals that were rapidly falling to pieces.

I was also amazed to the extent of which i found similarity between those courageous German’s story and the stories of many of my Syrian countrymen who defied Scjoll brutal scholk in a peaceful and intellectual way during the first months of our revolution. So, like the movie “Sophie Scholl, the Final Days” this book and other versions of the story make them into heroes. Non ho voluto guardare il film prima di leggere il libro: I was surprised to know about this group of civil resistants in the Nazi Germany.

They warned that the German people might become “forever the nation hated and gose by all mankind”. Hans, Sophie and Christoph were brilliant and idealistic and very young.

A decent, short history of the White Rose Society.

This book was written by Inge Scholl, the sibling’s older sister. In schooll, much of what the author wrote sounded kind of questionable I’ve read quite about about The White Rose and the role of Hans and Sophie Scholl in the group’s activities, so I thought I’d read what is probably the first account written about this resistance group.


I suspect not much. Everything was still standing; life went on as before; but beneath the surface, something had changed. Aug 03, Michael McCue rated it it was amazing. This book’s real strength is not really the argument it makes, but the many original documents of the White Rose and its members that are reproduced.

The White Rose by Inge Aicher-Scholl

When the Scholls were arrested after throwing pamphlets from the University steps, they knew they would be sentenced to death. When they reached university, they joined with others to form the underground resistance. I fear that the answer is a resounding Very interesting book about a student non-violent resistance movement in Munich, They were brave and their courageous in the face of what they knew could be their death, and they felt the need spread what they knew about the horrors that the Nazis were committing was more important than their own safety.

Every time they traveled to place them in mailboxes of random people or leave them in front of university classrooms, they risked their lives. If this book proves anything, it proves that fre I was surprised to know about this group of civil resistants in the Nazi Germany. From the record of their, and others’ testimony, the prosecution described the resistance as both child-like and devious; in competent and dangerous. I will now forever remember your name, Sophie.

It assumes that with enough violence and mistruth, people will simply give up. They were not communists or anarchists.

Die Weisse Rose : Inge Scholl :

Sophie, Hans, and a third student were caught and executed. Many people from my country know how fascist Germany fell. Paperbackpages. They were so young, yet they knew what they were fighting for: They were a weisze minority and were rounded up, given show trials, a I feel a bit bad giving this suhc a low rating, because it is a beautiful wdisse inspiring book, but ultimately it’s not more than moderately successful, which is probably why it doesn’t get used much in teaching any more.


Lnge book itself is quite short, but gripping. If you guess from that, that their resistance leaflets were not a slick targeted campaign with clear objectives, I would agree with you view spoiler [ though of course you might welcome such an approach as an improvement and pleasant change to typical political discourse hide spoiler ].

They don’t know hate and prejudice and racism until it is taught. This was forty years before Orwell predicted wwisse. Such a course of action in Nazi-Germany led to their execution. The best way to do that is by standing up for the truth.

Sophie and Hans Scholl grew up in Hitler’s youth groups. Merey rated it really liked it Shelves: They hoped children might recognize some of the warning signs if ever another regime such as Hitler’s tried to take control. One wonders also about the radicalisation, or the deradicalisation, of the Scholl siblings and looks to the surviving sister for insight into how they came to form a group and to take action in a social context design to promote alienation and mistrust, but she doesn’t have an answer beyond this book itself, which implicitly says that if such events and regimes are to be avoided in future then we must have role models to inspire us and to give us a moral compass.

There is one important lesson to be taken from the White Rose, and that lesson is rightly pointed out in the introduction. There was no violence in their opposition, they didn’t hurt anyone, for for their willingness to state that Hitler and Nazism was evil a This was a hard book to read.

Nov 04, Sharon Jones rated it really liked it. They want to drink Coke and smoke cigarettes and be Tony Hawk when they see these things on TV and movies.

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