Buy Difficult Mothers Reprint by Terri Apter (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Difficult Mothers has ratings and 42 reviews. Terri Apter, an internationally acclaimed psychologist and writer, unlocks the mysteries of this complicated. 7 quotes from Difficult Mothers: Understanding and Overcoming Their Power: ‘ Trying to make sense of other people’s responses to us is a basic human activ.

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He was clear that some suggestions would work for some people and some for others, but he did at least suggest a number of ‘tools’ that might be useful in fixing the problem.

Apter is one of many writers drawn to that new country, busily extracting and disseminating simplified versions of its precepts. This book was a self-serving adventure for me. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This book addresses the types of mothers who are not all loving, giving, affectionate, soothing, compassionate and perfect.

One could lie, for instance, without appearing to be found out; but most of all one could view in safety the maternal persona itself, which more than mthers other was exposed by the forms it took, so that it seemed there was nothing you couldn’t find out about someone else’s mother simply by looking. I like the conclusion of this book – that the best way to deal with a difficult mother is to use compassion, set boundaries, and work on your own emotional resilience.

Apr 29, Veronica rated it it was amazing. Perhaps your partner’s short fuse does not prevent them from being loving and supportive. Um livro interessante sobre este tema. Retrospect is no guide, despite the soft-psychoanalytic suggestion that one can become difticult better person by understanding the ways in which one was wronged.

At home the struggle to establish and defend the boundary of self was interior, whereas with other people’s mothers everything was accomplished by a mutual reading of surfaces which, if occasionally awkward, offered much more in the way of dfficult.


Apter dlfficult a different approach.

I gave the book three stars because I was looking for understanding more about difficult mothers. The mind-set is, “I am succeeding because I can fake excellence, but inside Diffciult am not really worthy or not really able. In self-defense, a son or daughter may insist that any achievement is a fluke, and any award is undeserved or is really a tribute to their mother.

She wore it, it was explained to me, around her neck at night, in order to prevent her from disturbing her husband by lying on her back and snoring.

If there’s one thing I appreciate, it’s someone putting my experiences into perspective and letting me know that I am not alone in my terir. In her introduction, Apter mentions a female friend and colleague who warned her against writing her book for precisely this reason.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Mother love is often seen as sacred, but for many children the relationship is a painful struggle.

Difficult Mothers by Terri Apter – review | Books | The Guardian

This book spells it out in detail. Reading this book sheds light on a subject that is generally not easily discussed or understood.

We all complain about our mothers, but this author brings to light the painful struggle many of us have in playing the hand we’re dealt at birth. Mar 09, Audrey Custer rated it really liked it Shelves: I lacked this facility with my own mother: This was a well-written book with a great deal of good information about difficult mothers. So far, so good. Nov 18, Kirsten rated it liked it. Books by Terri Apter. I think I’ll be reading and re-reading this one.

Refresh and try again. Difficult Mothers Quotes Showing of 7. In a writer such strategies are not exactly bad, but they’re probably not good enough.

The great Alice Miller took a hard line on such circular thinking: One might define a difficult mother as one who substitutes personal for actual truth, who interposes her own reality in a way that blocks or interferes with the child’s view of “reality” itself. Trivia About Difficult Mothers Using the newest research on human attachment and brain development, Terri Apter, an internationally acclaimed psychologist and writer, unlocks the mysteries of this complicated bond.


Dec 21, Kathy rated it really liked it.

Difficult Mothers: Understanding and Overcoming Their Power

Want to Read saving…. Instead, I suddenly chill to memories of my mother’s angry breath and feel its rhythm in my own heartbeat.

Objectivity is the goal of civilisation, an aspiration rooted in the struggle to be objective about oneself. Insightful and encouraging book. Release comes from relinquishing the urge to fight one more battle with hereto gain recognition or acceptance or admiration.

Cart Support Signed in as: It should be apparent within a couple of pages of the “Difficult mother types” chapters if that one applies to your mother or someone you know. A woman stuck at home with small children might for the first time be able to see that fierce deity, her mother, as a woman stuck at home with small children; but she is still some way from transposing a difficult mother into something that doesn’t define or threaten the parameters of her own conduct.

Eventually I’ll learn that self-help books are always going to leave me wanting. Using the newest research on human attachment and brain development, Terri Apter, an internationally acclaimed psychologist and writer, unlocks the mysteries of this complicated bond.

Nonetheless, I left Difficult Mothers lying around the house, in case my children should be interested. Hardcoverpages.

Difficult Mothers: Understanding and Overcoming Their Power by Terri Apter

It is only when a parent [or anyone] repeatedly and regularly uses anger to close conversations, in the broadest sense of ‘conversation,’ that a dilemma is framed. For me the book did not tell me anything that I have worked out myself but it would have been comforting to have had this book earlier in my life. Jun 29, Amazonian rated it really liked it. Anyone with a problematic maternal relationship will find empathy and therapeutic approaches for healing.

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