Hello!Up for sale is a really cool multi-effects unit by Digitech the TSR!Tons of effects available in this box. Delays, reverbs, Find great deals for DigiTech Tsr True Stereo Reverb Multi-effects Processor Project. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I don’t think I would replace this unit with a another Digitech product. Since I have an extensive amount of equipment I would not need to replace it, but if it was.

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I was told that it needed to have the software reloaded and since they where doing this they upgraded me by two versions. I have it available! The Zoom had tons of effects but only parameters even for the most complex effects.

This tip comes from “van Sinn”: Unfortunately I digitecg have any way to save those settings.

Billy from McBridges packaged them up in orignal containers and shipped them to me. I have an ADA MP-1, so I’m cover on that department for 24 I want a processor that can get me from the heavenly sounds of Gilmour, to anything that is needed for a Rush cover, then to Cathedral and then to a Satch whammy If it is lower, replace the battery.


User reviews: DigiTech TSRS – Audiofanzine

Search Media New Media. MetalGuitardDec 11, Programmability is of course much more capable than the MPX Where can I get a firmware-upgrade 2. This is not for this that you buy this processor Log in Become a member. Best would be to measure the voltage with twr voltmeter.

All user reviews for the DigiTech TSR-24S

I’ve not tried any of them yet though. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. Home Forums Recent Posts. Nov 29, 6. El ChigueteDec 11, See user-manual for details. By using our services, you agree digitec our use of cookies.

By installing the 2.

DigiTech Tsr-24 True Stereo Reverb Multi-effects Processor Project

An LCD screen allows you to refine every detail of the effect. The reverbs tend to be bright, but not in the metallic way of some Japanese processors, offering clarity and realism instead. If you just want to run a phaser tar a delay or a chorus and a reverb, you don’t even have dititech mess with algorithms and linking.

El ChigueteDec 2, The efffets are good, even if the 16 bit does not make all the subtleties of the original signal.

The manual is complete. View the Media Kit. I wouldn’t say the TSR is easy to program, but it is very versatile. Here you can download the quick start guide! So one mor question then Our members also liked: TubeAmpNutNov 30, The Rocktron was OK but not for me. I used divitech High-Pass filter and a Low-Pass filter to split the signal into low and high frequencies. No, the manual was never translated into German.


I know in the MPX-1 you tsd route the FX in any order but I see in the manual that the EQ options are pretty minimal and it doesn’t look like you can use the same kind of effect more than once. Might be worth a read of the manual for you.

Friday Tips was an email newsletter of sorts, containing GSP tips. Turn one knob to get to the effect, the other knob to pick the parameter you want to adjust and ANOTHER knob to actually adjust the parameter.

The Rocktron Xpression sounded OK.

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