This was the verse of scripture that St. John Paul II chose to begin his apostolic letter to the youth of the world, Dilecti amici (“Dear. Oct 2, – am.- “Always be prepared to make a the hope that is in you.” «Previous Page 1 of 1 Next». AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to . DILECTI AMICI JPII TO YOUTH. alt. APOSTOLIC LETTER DILECTI AMICI. OF POPE JOHN PAUL II. TO THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD. “Always be prepared to .

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Both have been very different experiences and both have been totally life-changing.

Still more so, when youth is tested by personal suffering, or is profoundly aware of the suffering of others; when it experiences a powerful shock at the sight of the many kinds of evil that exist in the world; finally, when it comes face to face with the mystery of sin, of human iniquity mysterium iniquitatis.

Meeting so many young people, making new friends and all sharing the same faith is just a great experience. This series will no longer be checked for updates.

Hence during youth a person puts the question, “What must I do? Is this state of affairs irreversible? I also mention it because Christ’s call “Follow me”, precisely in this exceptional and charismatic sense, usually makes itself heard in youth; sometimes it is even heard in childhood.

They thus become living examples to the people around them, by their very conduct showing the primacy of eternal values over the elusive and sometimes ambiguous values of the society in which they live. I trust that this theme will receive detailed treatment from others, particularly pastoral ministers specially appointed to work with young people.

These words, once written by the Apostle Peter to the first generation of Christians, have a relationship with the whole of dilectk Gospel of Jesus Christ. And the individual-he and she-will diletci to pass on the same inheritance.


In a similar way, it also becomes consolidated in the experience of adults whose youth is already behind them and who are moving from the “upward” stage towards the “downward” stage, making up the overall pattern of life. There unfolds before us the vast field of experience, which is important not only in regard to knowledge but also in relation to education and ethics.

And in this sphere Christ’s words: I think maybe the best part was being on the trains, living with the atmosphere: It is a question here of a reply that concerns the whole of life, that embraces the whole of human existence. Contained in all this is a new way of looking at youth. Your youthful experience will be blessed, you will gradually learn from it that essential truth concerning man-concerning every human being and concerning oneself-the truth that is summed up thus in akici famous passage of the Pastoral Constitution Gaudium et Spes: It is necessary to keep going back to the origin of evil and of sin in the history of mankind and the universe, just as Christ went back to these same roots in the Paschal Mystery of his Cross and Resurrection.

Yes, this is the fundamental question facing your generation. To be truly free does not at all mean doing everything that pleases me, or doing what Amick want to do.

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This question is a very important one. Youth is the period when this great theme affects in an experimental and creative way the soul and body of every young woman and young man, and manifests itself in the youthful conscience together with the fundamental discovery of the personal “I” in all its manifold potentiality. The question naturally deserves an explanation from many points of view; but to express it in a few words, one can say that the treasure which is youth reveals itself in precisely this shape or form.

What must we do to avoid being dominated by the sin of universal injustice? They use the simple and strong language of faith that bears within itself victory over the evil in the world: Life presents itself as the carrying-out of that plan: The prominent figures of a nation’s history, ancient or modern, also guide your youth and foster the development of that social love which is more often called “love of country”.

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These are the methods and means for coming close to God and making contact with him. Adults hold ultimate responsibility for the present reality, but young people are the ones responsible for shaping the future. That very first look of the Creator is reflected in the look of Christ which accompanies his conversation with the young man in the Gospel.

And if the fruit of this prayer of the Church comes to life in the depths of your heart, listen to the Master as he says: So your youth is not just your own property, your personal property or the property of a generation: But the conscience must not be distorted; the fundamental formulation of the principles of morality must not surrender to deformation by any kind of relativism or utilitarianism.

Recalling St John Paul II’s message to youth

The decision to go away from Christ was definitively influenced only by external riches, what the young man possessed “possessions”. Therefore when Jesus, in his conversation with the young man, lists the commandments: Jesus Christ came into the world first of all rilecti order to make each one of us aware of this.

We are all aware that the horizon of the lives of the billions of people who make up the human family at the close of the second millennium after Christ aimci to portend the possibility of calamities and catastrophes on a truly apocalyptic scale.

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