Again, the eBooks reproduce the text, though not the exact visual likeness, of the original publications. They have been created through a process of scanning. history of the Sixth Edition of the Discourses should refer to. Web editors’ supplementary material at: A spiritual classic, in print since the s, Meher Baba’s Discourses throw the light of true knowledge on many of life’s most perplexing problems. Inspiring and .

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According to Meher Baba this ultimate experience, for which the universe came into being and is continually sustained, cannot be described or talked about, but only lived and directly experienced. Maya does not mean this world and its affairs.

In the case of aspirants who are in harmony with each other and when one is not concerned about the other’s msher of meditation, collective meditation is idscourses possible and can even be helpful for the individual.

Pamela rated it it was amazing May 15, Purdom titled God to Man and Man to God: According to Meher Baba the ridding of sanskaras can be quickened by the help or guidance of a perfected master or satguru. The latter finds manifestation in consciousnesswhereas the former remains in the subconscious mind. Thus he emphasized that a man who reads, in Vedanta literature for instance, that he is God and then says that he is God, is in fact a hypocrite, since he does not discuorses this experience.

Nirvana or absorption and the Mwher State or divinity in expression. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yet the book maintains a discoufses flow and structure rather than being a random collection of individual discourses. The frozen past is what it is, and no amount of worrying is going to make it other than what it has been.

Discourses Audio Books

In addition he gave practical advice for the aspirant who wishes to attain Self-realization and thereby escape the wheel of births and deaths. Other chapters deal methodically with several aspects of spiritual advancement and the spiritual path, such as the formation and removal of sanskaras mental impressionsvarious aspects of meditationtranscending good and eviland clarify Meher Baba’s views on such topics as occultismreincarnation and maya.


From the effort to resolve the conflicts brought about between love and reason there arises spiritual progress. Oct 09, Jasmine rated it it was amazing.

Worry is experienced when things mwher wrong, but in relation to past happenings it is idle merely to wish that they might have been otherwise. In human love the duality of the lover and the Beloved persist.

Discourses by Meher Baba

Ron rated it it was amazing Feb 15, This is not an account of his life, but a direct teaching from Baba. Due to the nature of the Discoursessome topics occur repeatedly in various contexts.

With his mandali circle of discipleshe spent long periods in seclusion, during which time he often fasted. But, things can never be helped merely by worrying. Any direct effort to repress them, apart from being a waste of psychic energy, is bound to entangle further the mind with the disturbance and therefore strengthen it.

For example at the end of the book there is section called ‘The Conditions of Happiness,’ where Meher Baba lays out exactly what a man needs to achieve to be happy.

This experience of Oneness with God, according to Meher Baba, is not the same as simply a discursive realization of this condition through reading or contemplation, but rather must be fully experienced with the help of a perfect master or sadguru. In the s, as a result of a series of board meetings on publication policies, the Avatar Meher Baba Trust decided to additionally re-release the sixth edition, being the last version of the Discourses checked and approved by Meher Baba personally.

Jun 05, William rated it it was amazing Shelves: Stevens to re-edit the Discourses from their original five-volume set, with an eye to improving their readability.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This also stands in view of the statement: Worry has never done anyone any good, and it is very much worse than mere dissipation of psychic energy, for it substantially curtails the joy and fullness of life. This second kind of misjudgment leads to false beliefs, which are taken as self-evident and are the hardest to eliminate.

Retrieved May 11, Isolated subconscious tendencies stored in the implicit ego msher come to the explicit side to take part in a conscious process. But the limited ego-mind identifies itself with its past, gets entangled with it and keeps alive the pangs of frustrated desires. Meher Baba makes a distinction, however, from the traditional interpretation of Maya as illusion itself, and says that it is that principle that causes one to be deceived into seeing the false as real.


Maya is not illusion; it is the creator of illusion. For example at the end of the book there is section called ‘The Conditions o One of the great, overlooked spiritual books of the twentieth century. Works by Meher Baba Books about spirituality Religious literature. This is not a momentary event. Day to day living and thinking companion. Oct 07, Dennis rated it it was amazing. The organized mental structure of experience eventually takes over the sense bsba “I” and starts considering itself as the central identity of the individual.

To ask other readers questions about Discoursesplease sign up. However, he discouress philosophical thinking, as a general type of meditation, provided its goal is to grasp the ultimate nature of life and the universe. Nearly twenty years after Baba’s death, under the supervision of Baba’s mandali close disciples Eruch Jessawalla and Bal Natu, the discourses were given their final editing and took on their current form in a single volume, published by Sheriar Foundation in as the seventh edition, which remains in print.

The illusion that this world and everything in it is real — and of feeling happy or unhappy over certain conditions — is Maya.

Discourses by Meher Baba | MEHER BABA WEBSITES

Love pervades the universe. Maya is not unreal; it is that which makes the real appear unreal and the unreal appear real. Several chapters are discourses on individual subjects such as selfishness, violence, sex, love, happiness and spiritual work. Steven Barrie-anthony rated it it was amazing Jul 27, In the human level, with the development of consciousness, love, although continuous with its lower forms, attains a higher form because of its relation to reason.

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