Resumen. MARTINEZ CORONEL, Mathias y ROJAS MERCADO, Héctor. Advanced craniofacial fibrous dysplasia of bone remodeling. Salus [online]. . Abstract. Fibrous dysplasia is an abnormal bone growth, it causes abnormal growth or swelling of bone maturation and differentiation. Fibrous dysplasia. Resumen. CARBALLO SANTOS, Mercedes; PUPO SUAREZ, Rodolfo; CRUZ ROCH, José Luís y CRUZ PINO, Yamily. Presentation of a Patient with Bone.

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Full Text Available Fibroma is a benign tumor of fibrous connective tissue. Cemento-ossifying ccraneofacial of the jaw. Chondromyxoid fibroma of the mastoid facial nerve canal mimicking a facial nerve schwannoma. Health Centre, Montreal Canada.

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To study the value of dynamic enhanced MRI in the differential diagnosis between subserosal uterine leiomyoma and ovarian fibroma which were iso-signal and low signal ones on T 2 WI.

This benign neoplasm has a predilection craneoofacial the gingiva and. The aim of this paper is to describe a case of this tumor, a brief review of the literature, analyze their clinical and histological features and therapeutic approach to take.

The aim of this report is to raise awareness of the possibility that cemento-ossifying fibroma can transform into osteosarcoma and of the consequent necessity for careful diagnosis and treatment planning. Fibroma of the tendon sheath of the long head of the biceps tendon.

An unusual case report and review of literature. Slow and progressive, cemento-ossifying fibroma is a rare benign tumor that reaches the maxilla and more frequently the mandible.


Cemento-ossifying fibroma is a rare benign tumor craneofacail often discovered incidentally. Its differential diagnosis, which is based on clinical manifestations and conventional radiographic study, is controversial. Fibro-osseous lesions of the jaws, including juvenile ossifying fibromapose diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties due to their clinical, radiological and histological variability. The term “fibroblastic” or “fibromatous” is used to describe tumors like the fibroma.

The histological diagnosis was benign fibrous histiocytoma or non-ossifying fibroma. In this case report we describe craneofacjal giant COF mimicking chondrosarcoma in the oral cavity of a year-old woman causing significant facial deformity and feeding problems. These are slow-growing lesions, and are more frequent in women, between the third and fourth decades of life.

Osteomyelitis is an acute or chronic inflammatory process of medullar or cortical spaces of bone extending beyond the craneofacjal site of development.

A number of our cases of CMF did not seem to fit the descriptions found in most texts. The lesion is circumscribed craenofacial demarcated from the surrounding bone tissues. It occurs most frequently in the metaphysis of long tubular bones, and an epiphyseal location is exceedingly rare. Ovarian fibroma is the most common benign solid tumors of the ovary, commonly misdiagnosed as uterine fibromaor as malignant ovarian tumors. Other modalities such as radiosurgery and electrocautery have also been used for its management, but they cause changes in microarchitecture of biopsy specimen, altering the histologic picture for true diagnosis.

Initially, the lesion was dipslasia in size but gradually increased to a visible-pronounced tumor-like formation. A radiological survey fo 5. Treatment of endodontically involved teeth requires accurate diagnosis of the clinical pulpal condition to determine the primary cause of pathosis. Although it is very rare, ossifying fibroma should be considered in the differential diagnosis of unusual or persistent craneoafcial radiolucencies.


An unusual case report.

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The present report compares several entities that fall within the diagnostic realm of benign fibro-osseous lesions and reviews the evidence for reclassifying central cemento-ossifying fibroma as a primary odontogenic neoplasm.

Until recently different fibro-osseous tumours that contained cementum were classified together as “cementomas”.

Immunohistochemistry showed that the spindle cells expressed vimentin, but not desmin. Radiographs have become an essential tool in the diagnosis of lesions in the jaw, where the anatomy is complex. We report ultrasound and X-ray findings of a calcifying aponeurotic fibroma in the finger of a year-old woman, associated with distal phalangeal bone involvement. Displaska ossifying fibroma of oral cavity: Therefore, we present and discuss in this paper a series of cases of peripheral cemento-ossifying fibroma emphasizing the differential diagnosis.

Fibrous Dysplasia versus Juvenile Ossifying Fibroma: Surgery should be considered for such a patient, as sudden cardiac ccraneofacial may occur in the absence of premonitory symptoms. However, bone involvement in calcifying aponeurotic fibroma is a very rare condition craneotacial we found only three pediatric cases in the literature. Application of nm diode laser in the management of peripheral ossifying fibroma.

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