8 from “Doing Nothing is Something” by Anna Quindlen. (1) Summer is coming. ( 2) Uniform skirts in mothballs. (3) Pencils with their points left broken. (4) Open. Sample Answer In Anne Quindlen’s essay, “Doing Nothing Is Something,” the author makes the argument that children no longer have enough free time, free. “Doing Nothing is Something”. HH book during free time and like Victor Hugo said to contemplate is to toil, to think is to do Anna Quindlen.

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And that’s not simply because of condoms: Stories about the resignation of presidential aide Karen Hughes unfailingly reported her dedication to family time by noting that she arranged to get home at 5: That’s not to say we shouldn’t value a period of carefree shelter for our young. People often use words and phrases such as I think, I believe, perhaps, and maybe to state their opinions—but not always.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Where to do fragments occur? Our children are as overscheduled as we are, and that is saying something.

A variety qundlen methods can be used to structure the reading and discussion i. Doing Nothing Is Something. Earlier this year the privileged suburb of Ridgewood, N.

Re-read the first three paragraphs on page This was terribly exciting until I realized that this was not one night a week, but one single night.

Make a list of things you would do—or not do. This statement provides evidence to support her statement.

Please do not read this to the students. Day trips to the beach. In this essay, Anna Quindlen explores whether young people have enough leisure time or are too busy for their own good.


Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Of course, it was the making of me, as a human being and a writer. Using suggests as the verb shows that whatever research has been done, there have been no solid conclusions drawn over the issue of whether free time is vital in the development of creativity in children. They even eat meals with their parents more often than those who don’t participate at all. Keeping in mind the claims and evidence each author provides to support their argument. Try as we might to suggest that all these enrichment activities are for the good of the kid, there is ample evidence that they are really for the convenience of parents with way too little leisure time of their own.

But notice that Quindlen also uses the word suggests, which weakens her argument.

Doing nothing is something by Elyssa Garcia on Prezi

Using evidence from pages andexplain two claims the author makes to support the argument. Auth with social network: As a pre-writing activity, have the students complete the evidence graphic organizer. Grade 10 This statement is a fact supported by data, therefore making a strong factual statement.

The factual statements are stronger because they can be proven. Unit 1 quiz on Thursday! Quilt of a Country. Young people have much higher rates of sexually transmitted disease than adults.

Doing Nothing Is Something

How do the details in the first paragraph support the idea that summer is coming? I mourn drawing in the dirt with a stick.

While opinions are statements of belief or feeling. Opinions are statements of belief or feeling. Therefore, it is easy to see that while Quindlen makes one or two strong factual statements in her argumentative essay, her opinion on the idea that children need more free time to produce creativity is, in fact, just that: Elements of a Paragraph A paragraph is more than just several sentences grouped together. SAT scores have risen during the same period.


Doing Nothing Is Something

To see how many words you know, match each vocabulary word from the list with its synonym. In the first paragraph there are five complete sentences at the beginning of the paragraph. Teen drug use has dropped steadily over the past decade Cite evidence from the third making of me, as a human being and a writer.

The loose-leaf is ragged at the edges, the binder plastic ripped at the corners. Which pieces of evidence above are the strongest, the fact statements or the opinion statements? This has become so bad that parents have arranged to schedule times for unscheduled time.

Doing Nothing is Something

Page become ourselves Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The book hypothesized that nearly every social ill affecting kids–drug use, suicide, early sex, bad grades–was rooted in society’s relentless message that the young should act nothinh.

Finding topics, main ideas, and details. Use evidence from the passage to support explore their creativity they must have time to do nothing.

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