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Eurosport 1 – LyngSat

ProjectorCentral reserves the right to remove any comment at any time for any reason. And due to the increased resolution you may notice less visible pixelation on the p models, depending on how close you sit to the screen. It’s only needed in very rare circumstances.

All comments should remain on topic. So on that level I do indeed agree. We have heard this argument for years, even when very few of the HTs in our homes had available content to display at I or P. Xbox’s which will still be with us for several more years and the Sony PS3 which will be with us even longer do very few games at p resolution natively. Posted Sep 12, 5: Nevertheless, the reality is that p projectors displaying HDTV i will give you just a slightly better picture than you’ll get with a good p projector.

I also have alot of Dvd’s that i like to watch. And don’t allow the ridiculously low prices of the latest p projectors to mislead you into thinking they are not great products.

Post a Comment Alert Moderator Here’s my 2 cents worth. Blu-ray is by far the most important new video source on the market. A huge amount of deprecated code has sourlar removed I’m certain more’s to follow but the biggest chunk should be done also the separation of platform and CMS may bring some minor issues with it like changed file locations for starters.


1080p vs. 720p — Which should you buy?

But a playstation 3 has to process these images and seems to do it at a much more reasonable price, and don’t get me started about the lamp costs. Remember though, unless you have a Blu-Ray player, most things are p anyway, they’re just digitally upscaled to to p. It’s much like speakers, once you get to one price point the extra audio quality you get for spending a lot more is much smaller. The only difference is that one has more pixels than the other which means a sharper image.

Posted Sep 13, 9: Your email address is necessary for you to activate your comment once it has been submitted. So the DVD source cannot use the full resolution power of either a p or a p projector. Thank You so much. On my devel J1. The real messed up thing, is that they’re pushing LCD technology for only one reason: Posted Feb 25, So if you are a true videophile who wants the very best picture possible, it is time to think seriously about the new p models on the market.

First, the vast majority of folks are still watching standard definition DVD, having not yet upgraded to Blu-ray. Not nearly as much of a difference.

The reason is that DVD picture quality is fundamentally limited by the fact that there are only lines per frame of video information in the source. With good vision you will see a very noticeable difference in image detail between P and P.

If you are planning on using it for gaming, you better get a hell of a good video card. Posted Apr 23, While I am not as much in agreement with Leonard R.

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This is particulary noticeable when viewing closeups of people faces on a HDTV news broacast that is being broadcast live in i. Just like pcs, when the cpu clock defined the speed of a ccmputer, which is wrong, you can’t judge a product based entirely on one aspect.


Now I can see just how good Blu-ray is. Also, p isn’t dead. The positive impact for my movie viewing experience was far more dramatic than any p projector would have been, and potentially for far less money depending on eorular p projector chosen I have a bias for DLP over LCD.

Not sure when that happened. If you have a camera that shoots p with bad resolution and bad sorula quality then you will get a p picture made with bad pixels, and vise-versa. Posted Nov 23, 7: The additional resolution of a p projector won’t make most HD sports broadcasts look any higher in actual resolution since the signals are limited to lines of video information per frame.

Likewise, a p signal has pixels of horizontal resolution vertical scan lines and pixels of vertical resolution horizontal scan linesso if you convert from p to i, you actually gain horizontal resolution, is this correct? Slight improvments only and the general population won’t notice the differnce at all. I also have zmll computer which was previously connected to an HP VP projector at x and then I upgraded to the HD at x p. Now I have seen Blu-ray via hdmi through both native p and sorula p models.

The bottom line is that for most budget smart consumers who are happy watching DVD and HDTV, zmk incremental performance of the p projector will definitely not be worth the added expense. My second sorilar – In which projector Blue ray Disk p content will look better, p or p, given that all other things are identical?

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